LeafyisHere INTERVIEW!            #DramaAlert
H3h3 lies
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Chris Hays
Chris Hays Prieš 18 val
We shouldn’t judge others for not wearing masks. We need to worry about our health and safety and not others. If there’s someone doing something you don’t like, don’t be around that person. Don’t go out of your way to slander or shame anyone for what they are or are not doing. But that’s just my opinion and in the grand scheme of things does my opinion really matter, no. :)
Luke M.
Luke M. Prieš 18 val
Tony is sus
khaled aldoraee
khaled aldoraee Prieš 18 val
Paul Walters
Paul Walters Prieš 18 val
Honestly shitty friends
F-35A Lightning II
F-35A Lightning II Prieš 18 val
Sorry for the old meme but... 20 and 18 - I sleep 19 and 17 - *Real shit* 18 and 16 - I sleep
Ramiro Mendez
Ramiro Mendez Prieš 18 val
I don’t get why people are still freaking out over people going out and traveling. Everyone leaves their house no one can say they haven’t
Monserrat Herrera
Monserrat Herrera Prieš 19 val
I don’t have Twitter but here’s my Instagram @glizzyglizbert
Xone Prieš 19 val
Hey keem love videos man keep up the good work. Twitter: @Xonecuhhh
Slim Richards v2
Slim Richards v2 Prieš 19 val
Original is better
Homo Sapion
Homo Sapion Prieš 19 val
Sorry keem long time supporter from my older channel, but your channel goin down hill man, this LTpost drama kinda weak.
RaloFN Prieš 19 val
Tony should not be free. Twitter: Pickney1x
MercenaryOOF Prieš 19 val
Tony López 🥸🤡 @ImNotMercenary
Sky Gamer11560
Sky Gamer11560 Prieš 19 val
Honestly loved Leafys vids man, me and my friends would watch for hours and laugh the whole time, the “bullying” and everything else was just content to make people laugh, I hope that he can reverse this, if he can’t ill still have memories of the vids
HEY boi
HEY boi Prieš 19 val
Alright that's not cheating whole d'amelio family was in competetion. If his dad is telling it's not cheating.
HEY boi
HEY boi Prieš 19 val
9:15 why you came here for !
Raven_Rainn_8 Prieš 19 val
Mr beast is a literal BEAST and good for KSI!! What is 2021 viral for breathing, can I go viral for watching paint dry? @RavenRainnModel
Nahom Ayalew
Nahom Ayalew Prieš 19 val
Jake Paul is delusional f**k!
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Prieš 19 val
POV: You regret clicking on this video while also seeing others regretting to click on this video
IIntaKe Prieš 19 val
Ace family been messing up - Twitter - @IIntaKeOfficial
a gg
a gg Prieš 19 val
Trishas fat can i get the Xbox
Lé Rey
Lé Rey Prieš 19 val
I like how it ends on "Guys---" Btw Elon vs Mr.Beast best story of the whole year Twitter:Rey_ripth0
Patches Prieš 19 val
Corpse went viral for doing a basic human function lmao @PumpkinMan_
Miguel Maciel Carbajal
Miguel Maciel Carbajal Prieš 20 val
@17migmac98 Bless ya boy keem🙌🏽
Samuel Henry
Samuel Henry Prieš 20 val
Tommyinnit and keemstar collab
VSECRXTT _ Prieš 20 val
nah ksi and deji was better
Sitdown 672kid
Sitdown 672kid Prieš 20 val
Tony just can't get enough. He wants every teen. Sheesh. @Carlos42251648
ManBehindThe Slaughter
ManBehindThe Slaughter Prieš 20 val
this is song is actual ass fuck you keem
LW Middle
LW Middle Prieš 20 val
Bruh tommyinnit in drama alert? @LucasWoodfin
Bryan Piscoya
Bryan Piscoya Prieš 20 val
Hey keem I’m in need of a new Xbox mine is glitching :( great vid btw!
Iylean Prieš 20 val
It’s the cut off at the end for meee @iylean1
Aliyan Prieš 20 val
Fousey is doing a hate dies love arrives part 2 😂
Aliyan Prieš 20 val
Fouseytube is doing a hate dies love arrives part 2 😂
Pieter Meijer
Pieter Meijer Prieš 20 val
@pietermeijer199 mr beast is great love him
Fools4Hire Prieš 20 val
Why can’t youtube just be gummy bear remix (10 hour version) @konmplett
Vohta Prieš 20 val
KSI is going hard 🚀 twitter @mu7t
Vintage Warfare
Vintage Warfare Prieš 20 val
It’s sad that any of this drama or any of these people are relevant to people at all. It’s like the celebrity drama E stuff but not for boomers. This channel reminds me of a GTA exaggeration parody of real life, in real life. But it is kinda entertaining lol.
UrMad Prieš 20 val
Tony Lopez got some problems even though I don’t like the hype house he got them sued that’s messed up @AdamSul97743231
wishasz Prieš 21 val
Ksi a goat No tweeter Instagram is : wishasz tho
SenseiWriter Prieš 21 val
I clicked onto this hoping to see a video of KSI reacting to Corpse's music
Wasavi Prieš 21 val
never seen this channel till H3h3 mentioned it. Watching you present "news" is like shoving razor blades in my eye sockets and ear tubes. cheers
Depressed 4rl
Depressed 4rl Prieš 21 val
Dead body reported
Crizpy Prieš 21 val
Your vids so cringe
adriane bray
adriane bray Prieš 21 val
lol he's so enthusiastic
Sadi Ellis
Sadi Ellis Prieš 21 val
i think trisha is becoming more likeable @saehdei
Yeyothegoat590 Yt
Yeyothegoat590 Yt Prieš 21 val
Ksi allays getting better and tommy is to goated and they are hatting on him Trisha is going to get back on the app and sum point @Juan37446960
Johnny V
Johnny V Prieš 21 val
5:07 george floyd went viral for not breathing👀
Anthony Contreras
Anthony Contreras Prieš 21 val
Love the tea y’all spill haha I live for it @magictony3020
Faisal Alghannam
Faisal Alghannam Prieš 21 val
Ksi is the best @alghannam87
Viking Gamers
Viking Gamers Prieš 21 val
downvote for H3H3
Cameron13k Prieš 21 val
Blitzcola Prieš 21 val
Big beard like a gnome 0-0
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Prieš 22 val
Drama alert over tmz any day @ amcourierja
bluballs Prieš 22 val
you wanna know why all these tik tokers are messing with little girls? because they have been on a child platform too long and they now think they are children too. @bluballs5
Hearted Prieš 22 val
I like Jeffery star's attitude to this drama, he admits it, apologized, and wants nothing to do with it anymore.😂😂😂@_Hearted__
LOWVSN Prieš 22 val
Some pretty good news, but no twitter.
Emeronii Prieš 22 val
Lol, i thought i was the only one who felt strange clicking on a drama alert video until i looked at the rest of the comments
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Prieš 19 val
This whole thing was a lie she admitted to willing send him she already told us why do keem keep report false peddos to people without knowing the Truth story behind
Jaryd Prieš 22 val
Jeffree cant keep his name off my recommended hey @jarydvdw
Djeffah .Mbondo
Djeffah .Mbondo Prieš 22 val
No one: Corpse Husband post: 52.6k Retweets Keemstar:70 THOUSAND RETWEETS twitter: @djeffahm
Samuel Loosmore
Samuel Loosmore Prieš 22 val
It's a shame people are dumping gnomes in the woods
Dan Ryan
Dan Ryan Prieš 22 val
Tony lopes should get sued my Twitter dankissane2 please
FLX_arrow Prieš 22 val
This tiktok stuff makes me smile and if you read that you a clown
Mr. Right.
Mr. Right. Prieš 22 val
I really don't like trisha 🤣
Pavly Yousef
Pavly Yousef Prieš 22 val
My Twitter is @R4FR44Z4 give me the Xbox
lil TOASTIE Prieš 23 val
Baba booey @lil_TOASTIE
purple ?
purple ? Prieš 23 val
4:01 here's a timestamp for those who only came here for the carson info
lilsago1975 Prieš 23 val
Charlie Taczy
Charlie Taczy Prieš 23 val
Trishas views been low she’s gotta start some drama to make some money
Plant Mage
Plant Mage Prieš 23 val
Is 19 and 17 really that big of a deal? That age gap is run of the mill in high schools
alan r
alan r Prieš 23 val
I don’t have twitter just so I don’t cancel myself but I have insta ar._3106
kane da goat
kane da goat Prieš 23 val
bro this crazy also thank u for making these vids every week to keep us updated. my twitter is kane @kane15278150
OG Tristan
OG Tristan Prieš 23 val
Gabe the Babe
Gabe the Babe Prieš 23 val
I see u covering ur ass with the “allegedlys”
Jermiah Theboy
Jermiah Theboy Prieš 23 val
TNAadn. Prieš dieną
Whats new about trisha and jeffree but the news about the ace family was just wow.
Dry bean
Dry bean Prieš dieną
Kanye west didn’t sleep with star! @dryybean
chloe smith
chloe smith Prieš dieną
why does austin mcbroom look like a crusty q-tip?? how is no one talking ab this?? twitter- @___beautamiss
itsFlameRl Prieš dieną
Dude this is crazy