Our Wedding | Safiya & Tyler
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I Got A Custom Black Wedding Dress
I Got A K-Pop Makeover
Choosing My Wedding Dress
We're Getting Married
I Got A 1950s Makeover
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I Got A Tokyo Makeover
Prieš 2 metus
Trying $1 Makeup From Wish
I Dressed Like It Was 1967
I Dressed Like It Was 1977
I Tried Period Yoga Pants
I Dressed Like It Was 1987
I Dressed Like It Was 1997
I Tried A Period Swimsuit
The History of Lipstick
jacqueline Herzog
jacqueline Herzog Prieš 16 val
You should do a resin pour video!
keyci orellana
keyci orellana Prieš 16 val
Sophia André
Sophia André Prieš 16 val
Ball • ey • ajhe
Wahaba Mazhar
Wahaba Mazhar Prieš 16 val
You looked bomb in the white dress
jessie marshall
jessie marshall Prieš 16 val
"my feet are bleeding" me:but dont bratz have no feet and yes i remember bratz my sister had a movie from them before i was born and its one of the first movies i remember
Kirari Mømøbami
Kirari Mømøbami Prieš 16 val
Her name makes me racist
ZeDDberrieS Prieš 17 val
Whenever the word scents or something is said it makes me want to smell for what the candles smell like. It literally makes me smell for the candles
Louise Noble
Louise Noble Prieš 17 val
Yay Tyler
Pink Peach891
Pink Peach891 Prieš 17 val
Wait so what’s your knew last name?
Kilynn Hayes
Kilynn Hayes Prieš 17 val
Ahhhh the times we didn't have any mask on I the store
Horrendous Gamer!
Horrendous Gamer! Prieš 17 val
spooky Prieš 17 val
WOAH STRAWBERRY!! Lemon? Or is that lemon? It's not strawberry. No it's not strawberry. Lemon?
Barb Yarosh
Barb Yarosh Prieš 17 val
I would worry about allergies with the almond oil...😞. Loved this though
sky Prieš 17 val
i can believe u made me look at JYP again, i’m trying to erase that image of my brain for months
Devanshi Dubey
Devanshi Dubey Prieš 17 val
no one: not even Saf: me:Yes we have finally recruited a Revluv !! also Tyler: no ones gonna know what we are talking about me: I know *starts dancing to Red Flavor obnoxiously*
Calla Something
Calla Something Prieš 17 val
you look so pretty in that 40's style!
Cute little Wolfie
Cute little Wolfie Prieš 17 val
15:44 depressed gummy bear
Maddie Mania Gaming
Maddie Mania Gaming Prieš 17 val
I’d love some makeup! :D XD :P
Belle cipher
Belle cipher Prieš 17 val
Who's watching this in 3020???? Oh wait I'm in the year 2020 oh yeah hmmmmm
CaptainAliciaEff Prieš 17 val
Yeah I have one pair od thinx and they're okay, but I am way too heavy for them to be useful. Instead of chaning my pad in the middle of the day, I need to change my underwear? Much more of a hassle. Reusable cloth pads are better for me.
Sayraa Arora
Sayraa Arora Prieš 17 val
I would buy all those marvel comics for any amount i swear
chasyprice Prieš 17 val
I really like the very first one. I think it looks the best! Great job.
A v a c a d o G u r l
A v a c a d o G u r l Prieš 17 val
Can we appreciate how every 5 seconds Safiya makes a corny joke like I can’t even- 😂
Horrendous Gamer!
Horrendous Gamer! Prieš 17 val
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
XMochaX Prieš 17 val
Its Coco
Its Coco Prieš 17 val
Priya Ambati
Priya Ambati Prieš 18 val
Waste of money, time , resource
Akira Thomas
Akira Thomas Prieš 18 val
They look like anime cupcakes
Shakti Jain
Shakti Jain Prieš 18 val
Elsie Stoelting
Elsie Stoelting Prieš 18 val
I love the last outfit!
Vava Nessa
Vava Nessa Prieš 18 val
17:30 love your make-up! :)
Daniela Baci
Daniela Baci Prieš 18 val
With all that cheap material, I'm sure u can cut, mix n match tops n bottoms together and add extra material to the other dresses. U could make a few outfits for just going out. U just need to wash n spray crap loads of perfume on it
Fortnitesam Subscribe
Fortnitesam Subscribe Prieš 18 val
How does your grandson love it
Malak Amr
Malak Amr Prieš 18 val
This video is not to make us learn how to make soap 🧼 it’s to make us learn PATIENCE !!! Literally!! U are so patient
Alice *
Alice * Prieš 18 val
Vanilla essential oil does exist. It’s on amazon. - and also when cutting them cinnamon rolls in half: cut kinda like this[\] when u want to try it out. Then start folding wh the bigger side and it‘ll look more like a cinnamon roll.
Olivia Moreira
Olivia Moreira Prieš 18 val
I kept pausing at the photos and my style, as a Taurus, is very accurate to the photos. cool
Brooklynn Colbert
Brooklynn Colbert Prieš 18 val
She missed James Charles!!!
Rav 5671
Rav 5671 Prieš 18 val
5 minute crafts be like: - Put a bar of soap, a calculator and a fire extinguisher in a pot of boiling water. Voila, you have a teleportation device.
Charlotte Errico
Charlotte Errico Prieš 19 val
You look like Blair waldorf
Mel Prieš 19 val
I died where Tyler said: ''Aww yeah Aww yeah so hot, want to touch the hiney'' 😭💀
Mh. Z
Mh. Z Prieš 19 val
It's my opinion and I really love abstract arts and I love the first one... The first one is the best for me more expressive and deeply that's stunning other or more... Normal with no expression and atteaction
Axel Sugiarto
Axel Sugiarto Prieš 19 val
The peanut butter will only work if you put the coal in some kind of powerful pressurizer that is about as strong as the earth's rock plates smashing together. Also, it may burn down your house if youtried that because friction exists. Also also, the diamond will be waaaaaay smaller than the coal (or charcoal) that you use.Also also also you don't need the ice. all they got right was coal (or charcoal) and peanut butter.
girlysword Prieš 19 val
I'm an Aquarius with Scorpio Ascendant, which I guess would mean weird sexy clothes which...no
::star girl::
::star girl:: Prieš 19 val
I thought “ah you COULD use that electric hair remover as a vibrator” and then my entire pelvic region just clenched in horror at that image 😂😂😂
Luar D'Andrea
Luar D'Andrea Prieš 19 val
Was Tyler talking about the car out of nowhere an editing fuck up?
kiaora224 Prieš 19 val
Dont let your husband watch this, mine said the cinnamon video looked like jizz lol
Chloe Bagge
Chloe Bagge Prieš 19 val
You should try to collab with Ann Readon from the channel How to cook that. She is a amazing baker. #How to Cook that
Nutter Butter
Nutter Butter Prieš 19 val
am i the only one that laughed at "narrow dump"
Elliot Warren
Elliot Warren Prieš 19 val
Its about 2 years since this video was posted and it still gets me that they said she waited too long to report the sunglasses missing when she likely reported them missing like the day after she got the package.... Like they literally didn't give her enough time to report the item since they didn't send it when they were supposed to.
Simply Sasha
Simply Sasha Prieš 19 val
Put all your wired clothing (long jeans, sandal ugs ect) in the shopping trolley
Brandi Meck
Brandi Meck Prieš 19 val
So u wana mention the NSP video 🤣 or na
Schlacksahne Prieš 19 val
You have to go section by section. First the glue an the shoe then then brush the napkin with the glue down so that no creases form
Nxharika! Prieš 19 val
"No shade to Shane and Jeffree." Much shade to Shane and Jeffree
Marie Louise Uhrskov Mikkelsen
Marie Louise Uhrskov Mikkelsen Prieš 19 val
Saf, for goodness sake! You're part Danish! There is LITERALLY a tradition, that if you're unmarried at the age of 25 you get doused in cinnamon powder. And if your friends are especially evil, they will douse you in hot water afterwards - to open your pores and reaaally irritate your poor skin. I felt so bad for you, when you made those cinnamon soaps, because you so clearly didn't know. Hope you're okay <3
Melissa Chan
Melissa Chan Prieš 20 val
I was born yrs after this
Aya Ota
Aya Ota Prieš 20 val
me: *literally naming all the groups shown in the video*
Kristy Blond
Kristy Blond Prieš 20 val
So.....people get likes for saying random thinks...so.. “Toothpaste”
Kanza Yousaf
Kanza Yousaf Prieš 20 val
Please send me some 😭
chumg chia
chumg chia Prieš 20 val
oh, why choose the western style. think it's fonna be fun to see the chinese style since you're in Hong Kong.
Melle Prieš 20 val
I got a Wish ad before the video started...
Simply Sasha
Simply Sasha Prieš 20 val
Covid jeans whip them and people will run
Maricarmen Reynoso
Maricarmen Reynoso Prieš 20 val
You looked really different.
Chad Varquez
Chad Varquez Prieš 20 val
The Red Velvet - 빨간맛 sent me 😂
Rezina Sultana
Rezina Sultana Prieš 20 val
Omg, huge waste of lipsticks, I wish I had them instead you runing it. Love the expriment though.