The Rise And Fall Of GameStop
The Big Business Of Fighter Jets
The Rise And Fall Of Hertz
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Can The U.S. Afford Reparations?
The Business Of Less-Lethal Weapons
Random Photography
Random Photography Prieš 19 val
They have a vegetarian burger in the uk, i had it when i was younger and it was a bit gross, some sort of beanburger
Elijah Bernstein
Elijah Bernstein Prieš 19 val
What idiots out there believe that covid is a hoax. It is shocking how dumb people are.
Preston Smith
Preston Smith Prieš 19 val
Seriously she is so snotty. This isn't even a question-and-answer this is just attacking the president of the United States. Do you see that? Our country is under attack! They are attacking our president! Media is attacking our country and our president!
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez Prieš 19 val
What happened if something happened to both of them? What Good would it do for the markets? Would the markets take a sudden nosedive?
自由燈塔 Prieš 19 val
According to the Chinese Communist Party members, as long as the U.S. president elected in the Gengzi Year of China encounters China, he will either die of illness or be assassinated in the next year. They say this has been the case every 60 years since 1840, in 1840. American President William Henry Harrison died of illness in 1841. After 60 years, American President William McKinley was assassinated in 1901 in 1900. In 1960, American President John F. Kennedy died in 60 years. He was assassinated and died in 1961, so many CCP members believe that no matter who is elected president of the United States in the Gengzi Year of 2020, he will die or be assassinated in 2021. The CCP believes that the United States has gradually declined since 2008. , The United States is no longer able to help defend Japan, South Korea...and other allies, so they believe that China will replace the United States in the future and lead the world to the path of authoritarian socialism, and the era of American capitalism will end
Ways To Wealth
Ways To Wealth Prieš 19 val
Stocks Only Go Up - No matter what party is in office!
Tommy Chau
Tommy Chau Prieš 19 val
Demonratts are evil and this video is full of crap
Marcus Manker
Marcus Manker Prieš 19 val
Biden is only good for China’s economy.
Preston Smith
Preston Smith Prieš 19 val
Get her out of CNBC
Cool Videos
Cool Videos Prieš 19 val
"Hillary was the worst presidential candidate ever" Biden: Hold my ... you know ... the thing.
Charlie Nyiti
Charlie Nyiti Prieš 19 val
damn this reminded me to pay my Abulance fee in canada... of of $40, that I will get a tax return for
Marco Quiroz
Marco Quiroz Prieš 19 val
How many cities have qanon burnt down? How many people have they assaulted? How many crazy chops or choppy Chaz zones have they set up by destroying private property? None. Let's move on
Martim lima Castro
Martim lima Castro Prieš 19 val
Investing in Crypto now is very cool especially with the current rise in the market now
Preston Smith
Preston Smith Prieš 19 val
I think there is something very wrong with you when you think you can talk down to, belittle and disrespect the president of the United states. Seriously CNBC stop ✋!
Preston Smith
Preston Smith Prieš 19 val
Look at what they are doing. Attacking the good and glorifying the bad. Why is the media and the Democrats and the government doing that? Why not just let Trump do good things?
Brad Bagley
Brad Bagley Prieš 19 val
Can i make two of thoes robots kiss?
Bunne Rabb
Bunne Rabb Prieš 19 val
Cause their food is sort of "meh"? I do miss birch beer.
Brandon Allen
Brandon Allen Prieš 19 val
I live in the “hood” and I live directly across the street a grocery store.
Samuel Phénix
Samuel Phénix Prieš 19 val
I mean nothing is new. A political campaign has always been a marketing campaign and propaganda from each side. This is just on a bigger scale and adapted to today’s age. The problem is not from the political campaign, it’s from the data being collected by Big Tech without consent. The politician are just using the tool they have available just like any other advertiser would.
Nuby Prieš 19 val
6:40 So the govt can decide to sanction money for bus drivers without the invention of the automobile? Most of these people have no clue what they are talking about. They are the same people who assured us that everything is fine before 2008 just when everything imploded. US debt will lead to its ultimate demise.
busayo omolade
busayo omolade Prieš 19 val
my wife and I have been having some issues and she has been acting different and I believe she might be seeing someone, but I don’t have any proof of its But *DANTECHIES* on Instagram, gave me access into her device
LightMagic Image Media
LightMagic Image Media Prieš 19 val
Isn’t it clear by now that the stock market determines the presidential election and not the other way around??
Sandra McGill
Sandra McGill Prieš 19 val
This guy behaves like he could bearly tie his own shoes! For him to introduce her is very confusing!He seems lost!
Naga Anantha
Naga Anantha Prieš 19 val
Trump is the way to go for American's, Biden and Kamala will sell USA to China.
Preston Smith
Preston Smith Prieš 19 val
And you know what if the election was rigged and it was proved that it was rigged then it would be irresponsible of any decent president to just hand over the presidency. Completely irresponsible. That would be like okay you guys cheated and you big are election it's a fair trade here you go. No that would be crazy irresponsible. The only logical thing to do would be the sort it's out and redo the election. You know darn well that's the truth you crazy people You know darn well that's the truth
Preston Smith
Preston Smith Prieš 19 val
Never watching CNBC again. I hope they get shut down.
Dj Cb
Dj Cb Prieš 19 val
They really put Russian professor into an interview about elections! That’s shady
jeff pain
jeff pain Prieš 19 val
TRUMP 2020
Peter Spiderman
Peter Spiderman Prieš 19 val
So call republican supporters but asking leftist leaning type of questions.... Everything is fake.....
Josh Robinson
Josh Robinson Prieš 19 val
The bronco and Jeep prove that you don’t need to have your SUV look the same as everything else to meet standards. Car manufacturers are lazy.
Babylon Times
Babylon Times Prieš 19 val
Grew faster under a Democratic President mmmmm Where’s Trump.... And not Reagan.....
Brian Erwin
Brian Erwin Prieš 19 val
i thought townhalls were places where people came and told a sob story and complained, not where the hosts debates the panel
Preston Smith
Preston Smith Prieš 19 val
You know darn well he doesn't support white supremacy. At your poor pathetic attempt to smear and slander the president of the United States and it needs to stop!
BLEDIOUM Prieš 19 val
Conspiracy Burger
Conspiracy Burger Prieš 19 val
When the dollar finally collapses, people will finally figure out the wall is to keep us in, not to keep them out.
Marianna Grafel
Marianna Grafel Prieš 20 val
Interesting, if she has been a Hue Heffner call girl before with all her "manners" and look of the street antic professional ….
flipteezy Prieš 20 val
yeah she got owned.
J B Prieš 20 val
I still use my Garmin that I bought 15 years ago.....never lets me down !
Preston Smith
Preston Smith Prieš 20 val
And you know what doctor falchi said that wearing a mask only makes people feel better. It's not going to stop the spread of the virus. So shut up about your stupid Masks
leebog31 Prieš 20 val
linda Jay
linda Jay Prieš 20 val
Savannah is a paid nwo commentator, not a moderator
Jeong Kim
Jeong Kim Prieš 20 val
How is the Post office in a Financial Black hole when Ecommerce has been growing? Although Amazon may have its delivery system. Id imagine the USPS delivers more mail/packages than it and another competitor combined.
ANewMe8713 Prieš 20 val
How does he CONTINUE to get AWAY with BS replies????🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
B-MAN Prieš 20 val
I was hoping to buy a new fiesta ST....but forget any hope in hell for that to dodge for a Challenger!....shame I can’t see it being built these days
LUID Prieš 20 val
Joe couldn’t open a lemonade stand if he had the will to. He’ld forget wt he was trying to do to begin with 😒
voydkid Prieš 20 val
one could call her to be a little salty
Lui Nguyen
Lui Nguyen Prieš 20 val
Can’t stand her voice is so annoying
Andrew Blocher
Andrew Blocher Prieš 20 val
Fusion is really cool, but we should double down on fission reactors, we already know how they work and we can make them incredibly safe and there is no R&D needed. Private corporations are already producing Liquid Flouride and Thorium reactors which are the best iteration of nuclear fission reactors we have invented yet. Wait 45-50 years before fusion is safe? or Implement and Deploy already established reactors that will eliminate pollution and reduce waste by multitudes? easy choice.
Chloe Lee
Chloe Lee Prieš 20 val
Trump is a failed actor. He is not a president. He can't lead. He only can act, but everyone could tell he is lying
Sarah Marie
Sarah Marie Prieš 20 val
Why can’t any politician just give a straight answer, they gotta tell a story or something just answer yes or no then explain why lol
Mike Stranack
Mike Stranack Prieš 20 val
Another Karen..
Paolo Guerrero
Paolo Guerrero Prieš 20 val
I bought stocks during the Coronovirus dip back in March 2020 and now my portfolio is up 300% #BuyLowSellHigh
JS Burns
JS Burns Prieš 20 val
Trump you fakenews outlet...lmao.
Dirk Prieš 20 val
Trump is printing trillions, the stock market is taxpayer funded socialism for the rich and has nothing to do with real value of companies anymore.
Out Rageous
Out Rageous Prieš 20 val
This can most definitely be used for evil
Marianna Grafel
Marianna Grafel Prieš 20 val
Savanna is smart is a booth, totally programmed, also Epstein Island and Shift's hotels member.
Tory Jordan
Tory Jordan Prieš 20 val
Kelly Merta, hi. Debates are supposed to be adversarial. As I cautioned another lady, look up definitions of words you don't know before using them. Biden's moderator did a poor job of putting him on the spot. Also, I fact checked the money he said went to hospitals; it didn't. All the proof I needed was Dr. First Responder's expression to know he was lying.
Andres Arango
Andres Arango Prieš 20 val
Great job Savannah!
Fitter, Happier, More productive
Fitter, Happier, More productive Prieš 20 val
He is not even a good liar. His supporters are just stupid!
Scary Terry
Scary Terry Prieš 20 val
your the dumb one lol
Terry Strayer
Terry Strayer Prieš 20 val
Here in Florida we had a company called ClearStream which shredded the trash and then floated in a different levels accordingly and skimmed off there were bins in my neighborhood and apparently must have worked a little too well because they were removed
Dipankar Bori
Dipankar Bori Prieš 20 val
May the truly deserved- Candidate Wins...✌
jeff fernandez
jeff fernandez Prieš 20 val
Hahaha trump is truly winning thank god 😂😂 more likes than dislike and debated this btch instead of sleepy joe 🤣🤣
Dr disrespect
Dr disrespect Prieš 20 val
I'm tired media trying to protect a candidate who says he is running as a senate
Tory Jordan
Tory Jordan Prieš 20 val
Thank you, Xenos!
an Som
an Som Prieš 20 val
Pres. Trump hammered her............TRUMP WON HANDS DOWN trump 2020
Tom Lonergan
Tom Lonergan Prieš 20 val
I wonder if there's a single employee at NBC that doesn't hate Trump and the Republicans.
R DeVeaux
R DeVeaux Prieš 20 val
They really should not count the 2000 election because Bush really lost Flordia
Amycharles Charles
Amycharles Charles Prieš 20 val
Much appreciations to this great Hacker zenithtoolz_ on IG, he’s the best when it comes to hacking into any secure database
L Hale
L Hale Prieš 20 val
Here is the idea in San Francisco!!
Cam Prieš 20 val
maybe they should stop making the trucks half out of plastic and cost less than a small house.
Han Schouwman
Han Schouwman Prieš 20 val
When I was in Europe on Holly day There was a woman who said. That Obama was a good very good person. You know why?because Of his colour. Not the skills. And his wife just shut up Racist. White flight she said and what did she do. Left the hood. That is a lowlife who could not handle the hood and blamed it on the whites. Go buy a vibrator. O have no respect for her at all.
Odvegil Murmuratus
Odvegil Murmuratus Prieš 20 val
Biden is good for prison only
Pale Dude
Pale Dude Prieš 20 val
Trump failed 😕
Scary Terry
Scary Terry Prieš 20 val
did we watch the same video ? 😂
Victoria K
Victoria K Prieš 20 val
Instead of expecting me and others to pay that ridiculous tuition, why not look to the college themselves on the greed of charging that much? The book scam alone is costing kids billions.
an Som
an Som Prieš 20 val
HORRIBLE LADY so bias just like Chris W...her career is over just like his ICU
Julian Crooks
Julian Crooks Prieš 20 val
Who cares about wall street? Let the rich elite go broke.
Colin M
Colin M Prieš 20 val
MATH - Make America Truly Healthy - Elect Joe Biden - Do the MATH and show your work! (Taxes, kept promises, consistency, love for all Americans, economy, etc.)
Daksha Fata
Daksha Fata Prieš 19 val
He had 47 years !!! He’s more a candidate for the retirement home. Corrupt Beijing Bidens.
Angela Sop
Angela Sop Prieš 20 val
You all are unscrupulous human beings. You are protecting Jo Biden because you feel like you are protecting your selfs. God will make you to pay, You are all " GANG "
Gary Cock
Gary Cock Prieš 20 val
Joined the navy at 18 with 7k$ in the bank I did janitorial and smoked a lot of pot in high school, left the navy after 48 months with 32k$ in the bank, invested 29k$ in S&P in the late 90s started working at UPS, Exide battery and did concrete on Saturday, invested 1k a month every month into the S&P along the way in 97 UPS offered us drivers the opportunity to invest in the then privately owned company, cashed out 250k$ from the S&P and invested in the company I hated working for, late 99 the IPO came along cashed out and bailed the company a week later semi retirement at 31 took a year off, traveled, came home and started working part time for the insurance, entertainment and pocket change, work isn't work when you don't have to work, becoming wealthy y can be done in 15 years it feels like 60hr work week Now invested 150k$ in Bitcoin and forex for the past 8 months every week I make a profit of 15k$ Feel the pain of discipline early or feel the pain of regret later I wish everyone well
Gary Cock
Gary Cock Prieš 19 val
@Grace Issac Benjamin Elmer is registered and well known broker can vouch for I will drop his business WhatsApp number to reach him let him know I recommended you
Grace Issac
Grace Issac Prieš 19 val
Hello Gary Am looking forward to invest in stock and bitcoin your broker Mr Benjamin how can I contact him?
Gary Cock
Gary Cock Prieš 20 val
@Chaem Choi * I didn't got 7k at 18 I earned it mowing yards and shoveling driveway starting at 14ish yrs old, not to mention not to mention I was also cleaning offices at 16
Chaem Choi
Chaem Choi Prieš 20 val
Yeah tell me how you got 7k at 18 yrs old!!
Lionel p Anthony
Lionel p Anthony Prieš 20 val
Thanks, I've known a few soldiers who like you, were very clever and used it to their advantage! Well done
LoAFYamston 21
LoAFYamston 21 Prieš 20 val
Who cares. The stock market is disconnected from the real economics that affect the people .