PogChamps 3 - Semi Finals - Presented By GRIP6 - Hosts Rensch and Rozman !donate

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The last day of #PogChamps3, presented by @GRIP6 , before the GRAND FINALS, featuring @Tubbo , Rainn Wilson, Neeko, and @benjyfishy ! The winners of the two semi finals matches will move on to the finals tomorrow, and have an opportunity to claim the #PogChamps Crown!
...err sorry. The PogChamps3 BELT.
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AtotehZ Prieš 12 dienų
To make with a king and queen you step a knight's pace away from the king. So if he's A5 like in the end of the draw. You place the queen at B7 or B3. From that point on you can maneuver him into position pretty easily.
Arya Nugraha
Arya Nugraha Prieš mėn
Gotham Chess lost the match and Indonesians are blocked and still call himself a international chess master? 🤭
Hunter P
Hunter P Prieš mėn
Tubbo needs the Hikaru and Levy "just move" add on. JUST MOVE MAN!
Jeremy Howard
Jeremy Howard Prieš mėn
26:45 no you won't
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Prieš mėn
The elated notify potentially zoom because scraper multivariably expand plus a spiky ceramic. motionless, placid semicolon
Jonathan Schneider
Jonathan Schneider Prieš mėn
Anyone know the solution to the puzzle Hikaru is playing at 39:00? Really bugging me lol
Divine Plants
Divine Plants Prieš mėn
Endgame is most players’ kryptonite, Rainn’s endgame skill through experience takes care of him
eatherquake Prieš mėn
Anyone knows the name of the song at 02:05:46 ?
User Nicolas
User Nicolas Prieš mėn
Terra swoop Force Music
Nicholas Honeycutt
Nicholas Honeycutt Prieš mėn
Peacock promo ftw
NeShiBeats Prieš mėn
neeko is boring as fuck lol
BenJ8312 Prieš mėn
Starting at 2:46:10, anybody know what song this is?
Maryalice Libby
Maryalice Libby Prieš mėn
The vigorous store covalently tremble because reminder immunophenotypically wander of a gleaming ptarmigan. tacit, disastrous typhoon
ThatNormalCrazyGirl Prieš mėn
tubbo vs. neeko is like two adhd kids but it shows differently in each one
Francisco Galán
Francisco Galán Prieš mėn
Someone should tell the viewers that yerba mate is cancerigenous...
shorbock Prieš mėn
dislike, getting gms to do some advertisement is a disgrace
Станислав Никитин
Станислав Никитин Prieš mėn
Does anyone has a video where Hikaru solved the puzzle?
Xigan Prieš mėn
Neeko looks like every high-school girl sitting in maths class bored of of her mind whilst planning her only fans career once she turns 18.
KidsAreCheese Prieš mėn
what the hell is dwight doing here
The Dom
The Dom Prieš mėn
how did pokimane lose to Michelle share
Zach Belcher
Zach Belcher Prieš mėn
why did they give Neeko extra time to play on her phone? That takes the piss
CrueLoaf Prieš mėn
Unlucky Benjy. Rainn is a better player than he makes out. You can only improve Benjy.
NOOBT2 Prieš mėn
TJOP Prieš mėn
2:29:39 proof neko is zombie
Julian Black
Julian Black Prieš mėn
2:11:43 That was close!
jimmyj100 Prieš mėn
Is that 'ok Boomer Girl'? great...
julianjjz Prieš mėn
"we'll cut it out of the youtube vod" apparently not
Scott Jasper
Scott Jasper Prieš mėn
"We can talk about anything... Sunflower seeds?" - Levy 🤣
G K Prieš mėn
Levi’s impression of Neeko after tubbo blunders his queen is “that should’ve happened in the first game, this dude trash” 2:09:48
Paul Prieš mėn
I'm gonna miss tubbo - "yeah, whatever.... , whatever...., OH FUCK" 2:07:20
M4XD4B0ZZ Prieš mėn
Wtf is wrong with neekos eyes
yash Keshwani
yash Keshwani Prieš mėn
rainn is champion
DarrenPR Prieš mėn
There is no way rainn doesnt know queen and king mate, right?
Stockfish Prieš mėn
Not even a gm, disgusting
Nick Mao
Nick Mao Prieš mėn
Neeko is Eric Rosen of Consolation Bracket lmao No reaction to whatever happens on the board
Rub D
Rub D Prieš mėn
Rainn is literally 1750 very balanced competition...literally stalemated on purpose
Darren Prieš mėn
1:51:25 wow the disrespect to sub 1000s
Nick Mao
Nick Mao Prieš mėn
I'm a bit disappointed by the total absence of my boy Caro-Kann in pog champs :|
IAM 1013
IAM 1013 Prieš mėn
It was All for content. Rainn not knowing how to mate with king and queen? funny joke
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh Prieš mėn
Really didnt like that Dirty flag
Scott Nukend
Scott Nukend Prieš mėn
wtf Rain that was mate in 3. Why?????????????
Nathaniel DePue
Nathaniel DePue Prieš mėn
"I'll cut it out of the LTpost vod" It was not cut out of the LTpost vod.
Eddieson Calangian
Eddieson Calangian Prieš mėn
2:30:49 scary voice from Levy.
Abhra neel
Abhra neel Prieš mėn
Rain is IM for sure not fair for them
G K Prieš mėn
@Abhra neel yeah he’s definitely really good, he’s was definitely not guaranteed to win this match or the final one though, his opponents are good.
Abhra neel
Abhra neel Prieš mėn
@G K what do I know I'm only 600 rated player btw I was just kidding he plays well tho not on that level(IM) obviously
G K Prieš mėn
He’s being coached by an IM? He’s not nearly good enough for IM unless he’s been throwing on purpose, and not just the big moves I’m talking every single move
Jack Hanson
Jack Hanson Prieš mėn
Jeez those adhd comments from Daniel were a bit off
Bob Boon Zoom
Bob Boon Zoom Prieš mėn
What do you mean?
JaXX Prieš mėn
No increments after every move ?!?!
Bob Boon Zoom
Bob Boon Zoom Prieš mėn
Only for the tiebreak
Grzesiek Biskowski
Grzesiek Biskowski Prieš mėn
why do I have to live in a CET time zone XD
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith Prieš mėn
you just know Rainn has deliberately given up draws and losses in games knowing he will still win at the end of it
Asdayasman アズデイ
Asdayasman アズデイ Prieš mėn
I find myself unable to believe a single thing out of Rainn's mouth. Obviously I'm wrong, but I'm also turbo sus of him donating to his own charity. I hope next pogchamps is more skewed towards shitters.
Rub D
Rub D Prieš mėn
Dude hes 1750 rated like how is the competition balanced wtf
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith Prieš mėn
@The invisible paint brush, i think he was purposefully looking for a stalemate knowing he has to draw or win, but if he draws then Benjy still goes away ahead of others who got 0 points (not any extra prize money but a higher position in the overall leaderboard)
The invisible paint brush
The invisible paint brush Prieš mėn
I used to defend his last games as possible blunders, but that stalemate was too suspicious. If he did it quickly maybe, but he thought about it and still apparently messed it up.
L 18
L 18 Prieš mėn
Not a fan of throwing
L. Roberts
L. Roberts Prieš mėn
Cutting over to his feed makes this unwatchable. Just comment on the chess and go to the players after the match.
L. Roberts
L. Roberts Prieš mėn
@The invisible paint brush I get that and I enjoy that as well from most players, but watching his feed is different. It's fine....I turned down the volume and watched the chess.
The invisible paint brush
The invisible paint brush Prieš mėn
For some players it's really fun to get their thought process/reaction in real time.
Naradhipati Andaru
Naradhipati Andaru Prieš mėn
1:06:59 IM Rensch doing Charlie impression
Dan B
Dan B Prieš mėn
Qasem Imad
Qasem Imad Prieš mėn
2:19:00 the hilarious Ludwig 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Benjo Covers
Benjo Covers Prieš mėn
2:32:55 who else thought neeko talked there
Darryn McCutcheon
Darryn McCutcheon Prieš mėn
Neeko is a stone cold killer. I bet her heart rate didn't go above 70.
Alex Ling
Alex Ling Prieš mėn
we need a match between pokimane and neeko to determine the true princess of the simps
Raleigh Prieš mėn
@Bibi Dandelion Why would she "avoid" that?
Bibi Dandelion
Bibi Dandelion Prieš mėn
Poki avoided that , it was obvious in her last match
Tramy Tran
Tramy Tran Prieš mėn
Huge respect to everyone involved in this! Levy, you don't seem comfortable... Can't help but wish it wasnt you on the mic...so sorry.
G K Prieš mėn
@The invisible paint brush people don’t like watching silence, they have to fill the silence, it’s part of commentating
The invisible paint brush
The invisible paint brush Prieš mėn
Dany is always uncomfortable, he hates silence and always makes dumb jokes that aren't that funny hoping people laugh at him because he isn't funny. It's like 3rd degree cringe. Still like the guy
G K Prieš mėn
Why do you think he’s nit comfortable? He seemed at home to me
Tramy Tran
Tramy Tran Prieš mėn
Big shout out to Rensch too, made for it!
undefined Prieš mėn
26:43 well, well, well...
RG001100 Prieš mėn
:-) Hasn't been cut yet. I can't believe he said that.
Sonder Expeditions
Sonder Expeditions Prieš mėn
I just signed up an hour ago. Can't wait to beat those union square fellas!
CavalierValtz Prieš mėn
Im tired of this fucking smurf sandbagging every match
captainbigmac Prieš mėn
Tubbo > Neeko
I dont wanna use my name
I dont wanna use my name Prieš mėn
what was the solution to that puzzle at 41:00
Stephen Moore
Stephen Moore Prieš mėn
@I dont wanna use my name Understandable. You have to see Nc5 after for it to make sense. Not hard but tricky.
I dont wanna use my name
I dont wanna use my name Prieš mėn
@Stephen Moore ah yeah, didn't see I figured that was the first move though
Stephen Moore
Stephen Moore Prieš mėn
1...Nxd4+ 2.Nxd4 Nc5+ 3.Ka3 Qa6+ 4.Kb4 Qc4+ 5.Ka3 Qa4# I believe.
unionse7en Prieš mėn
not the reason, but it finally hit me , but a pawn DOES look like a juicer lol
TheWanderer Prieš mėn
YESTERDAY'S matches were the best so far. i don't want to watch some chopped up edited version of those games. i want to watch the whole thing! this is SO FRUSTRATING because all the other days seem to be available. what the hell????
TheWanderer Prieš mėn
@Bob Boon Zoom thanks for letting me know. it was so good that we tried to have a watch party, but then we couldn't pull it up.
Bob Boon Zoom
Bob Boon Zoom Prieš mėn
It was struck down because of the music Ludwig was playing during the match. You can watch the individual matches elsewhere but yeah it sucks
James Robin
James Robin Prieš mėn
Rainn is a secret GM.
Bob Boon Zoom
Bob Boon Zoom Prieš mėn
40:38, he’ll probably play this move Literally a second later: Nope, he didn’t
Kitch Balgan
Kitch Balgan Prieš mėn
Damn levi stop talking too much and just cast the game
Promix|Games Prieš mėn
Make sure u mess up the colors again :D Danny u legend
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang Prieš mėn
The cooing database muhly repair because centimeter prognostically puncture besides a grouchy blood. calculating, green grey grieving bookcase
Jonas Müller
Jonas Müller Prieš mėn
That Game was stolen from tubbo
NOOBT2 Prieš mėn
um... how?
Boruto Uzumaki
Boruto Uzumaki Prieš mėn
Ikr! Tubbo didn't lose to Neeko, he lost to time.. smh Tubbo was up material. What tubbo should've done was promote a pawn. He was panic-moving the pieces at the end. My heartrate on that tiebreaker match tho! I was screaming! 🤣 I'm still proud of him! :)
innak Prieš mėn
It's blitz, the time pressure and knowing how to manage time is part of the format. Neeko won because she knew how to play fast and take advantage of her opponent's slower play; GMs flag people from worse positions all the time in short time controls. It's like saying the game was stolen from Tubbo because he didn't have piece odds or something.
Darryn McCutcheon
Darryn McCutcheon Prieš mėn
She simply knows how to take advantage of the time without increment.
Thomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne Prieš mėn
Indeed, for young BenjyFischer, the future is bright
Arian65 Prieš mėn
He already accomplished much more than everyone in this video that spoke and also u
TrillFN Prieš mėn
Ridics Prieš mėn
Benjy deserved to lose that match, you can't just play chess to trade down everytime you have a material advantage, wrong mentality. Always Go for an attack when you're material up! You have more pieces than your opponent!!!🤷🏾‍♂️
Mrphex Auch
Mrphex Auch Prieš mėn
Trading down, simplify and win the end game is the easiest way to win a game where you have material advantage. That will tell you any advanced player. You can blunder the same when attacking as when trading material, especially on that level of chess I think the first is even more likely.
Exquisite Corpse
Exquisite Corpse Prieš mėn
As with anything in chess, it depends on the position. I've seen a lot of games blown from a material advantage because the player with said advantage just wanted to attack attack attack and lost the thread of the game. Trading to R&K v K is as old as the hills. Magnus didn't get to be world champion by attacking; he got there by attaining small advantages and converting endgames.
Catgenocide69 Prieš mėn
Dude rewatch the game instead of talking out of your ass. Given the positions on the board, trying to trade down was a horrible move compared with the other options he had. Every time he tried to trade down he basically lost some of his advantage until he lost all of it.
Mrphex Auch
Mrphex Auch Prieš mėn
totally disagree, since playing a pawn endgame where you are up 2 pawns is much easier than a queen and rook endgame where you are up 2 pawns
M Taha
M Taha Prieš mėn
I love how cringe Daniel Rensch is I am laughing so much LOL
G K Prieš mėn
@Nap Town no :)
Nap Town
Nap Town Prieš mėn
Oh my god i can't stand him, just shuuut uuuup
Might B Fire
Might B Fire Prieš mėn
1:13:55 Dwight AND Kevin. So much Office going on here.
Envy Prieš mėn
Tubbo nooooooooo!
Gage Younger
Gage Younger Prieš mėn
Neeko is the 🐐
sumeethidden Prieš mėn
lol lll
lol lll Prieš mėn
Neeko is awful, deserved to lose 0-2.
Ryan Chen
Ryan Chen Prieš mėn
gtfo tubby was garbage
d. nadin
d. nadin Prieš mėn
Enemo Prieš mėn
Tubbo was awful as well. Both of them would have deserved to loose. Neeko for moving so fast and not taking a second to actually think and Tubbo for thinking but still missing free pieces and blundering away his own.
WuhSuhDood Prieš mėn
Hikaru should be the only commentator for every match
omgwerockhard Prieš mėn
Never seen an episode of the office
Jared Schwartz
Jared Schwartz Prieš mėn
Levi didn't recognize the terra swoop force music. I loved that map but I never beat it
l Xethyl l
l Xethyl l Prieš mėn
Tubbo vs. RBF (the worst ever seen) 😂
MuchoMango Prieš mėn
Man love seeing rainn and benjy but the commentators are not the best imo
A 4332
A 4332 Prieš mėn
They need hikaru for the final
Kitch Balgan
Kitch Balgan Prieš mėn
I know. I keep cringing at Levi stories. Dude, it's not about you, it's about the players just cast the damn game.
ChessGuru Prieš mėn
Somebody needs to tell Neeko to look for loose pieces that is what she does know.
Elnaz Adel
Elnaz Adel Prieš mėn
Rainn back at throwing for content
RG001100 Prieš mėn
While I agree that a player as good as him ought to be able to find checkmate with king + queen... I think "was looking for stalemate" overestimates his skill + overlooks the earlier, obvious stalemates. I can't believe that every mistake he seems to genuinely make + act surprised about is really just him acting.
Haribo_player-too Prieš mėn
Not sure, still doesnt make sense. If that was the case I think he would have tried to just kamikaze the queen into the king to force the take. He looked legit surprised about the stalemate and talked about it in the interview. Just because he's an actor everyone thinks he's pretending to throw on purpose. The man is not a GM I agree with Anish here
Nick Mao
Nick Mao Prieš mėn
if I only needed a draw to win, I'd definitely do the same)
dragonbane44 Prieš mėn
@Haribo_player-too or he could be looking for a stalemate pattern. A 1400 would not miss checkmate in that situation.
Kumar Animesh
Kumar Animesh Prieš mėn
People really be so prejudiced about an old now casual 1400 rated player who is not that serious about the tournament and expecting 95% accuracy and call it “throwing” when he has like 80% accuracy
Parkin Furkmaz
Parkin Furkmaz Prieš mėn
Can someone PLEASE tell me the name of those FIRE beats they play in between matches and interviews?
YeetSin Prieš mėn
@Parkin Furkmaz maybe its custom? idk
Parkin Furkmaz
Parkin Furkmaz Prieš mėn
@Kitch Balgan 0:00, 0:15, 1:50, 2:48
Kitch Balgan
Kitch Balgan Prieš mėn
@Parkin Furkmaz timestamp?
Parkin Furkmaz
Parkin Furkmaz Prieš mėn
@Kitch Balgan Tried it, no results came up
Killionaire Prieš mėn
I tried before achieving comedy but there are no results
Austin Figueroa
Austin Figueroa Prieš mėn
Wow credit to Neeko for moving on but Tubbo should’ve swept her, I feel like if she’d spend 15-20 more seconds on her moves she’d probably have been in the championship bracket.
panner11 Prieš mėn
She did have Sardoche and Benjyfish in her group though, so championship bracket is a stretch since that group was so stacked.
Austin Figueroa
Austin Figueroa Prieš mėn
@veronica well realistically he lost because he didn’t take advantage of Neeko’s mistakes which she was making probably because she was playing so fast which is the whole point of my comment.
veronica Prieš mėn
The fact that she was so fast and tubbo was slower made her win the match. That’s how timed matches work, nothing was stolen from tubbo, he just lost on time because of his inferior time management. It be like that sometimes
Colin Brash
Colin Brash Prieš mėn
I think you are underestimating the value of playing fast. Sure it’s a weakness, but it is also her unique advantage over her opponents, and ultimately why she won in this match.
innak Prieš mėn
@Ra Yeah it's an interesting contrast with Moistcr1tikal, who has the exact opposite psychological problem and misses good moves because he takes *too* much time to think.
grantmitchel Prieš mėn
The old bloke shouldn't have been in this
Catgenocide69 Prieš mėn
Holy shit the stupidity is unreal. Literally rewatch moist vs Rainn game 1; if the ratings weren't shown, everyone would have guessed that moist was a 700 rated that game. And then watch game 2 when moist made the move Nf6 check, and tell me that wasn't a complete meltdown and a blunder completely outside the realm of the type of mistakes players at that level should be making from Charlie. Use SPECIFIC evidence to back up your claims instead of using generalizations, because they don't apply to all cases. It's such a simple concept and you don't get it, holy shit.
1vader Prieš mėn
@Juan Sm The point is the people playing against him definitely had the capabilities. The mistakes he made didn't require a GM to see. Benjy was easily winning in his second game before he missed multiple good chances until he eventually let it turn into a drawn endgame. But he won 2-0 against Sardoche so he definitely had the ability to win this. And Moist was way up in his second game before he just threw it away because he randomly thought he missed mate. Clearly, Rainn is not so out of their league to the point that he shouldn't have been invited.
veronica Prieš mėn
@Juan Sm maybe, it’s just my own opinion, especially after today’s stalemate too 😂 nonetheless it’s still fun to watch!
Juan Sm
Juan Sm Prieš mėn
@veronica against Michelle? Clearly. The rest I'm not so sure. They seem like genuine mistakes to me
Juan Sm
Juan Sm Prieš mėn
@1vader "If X and Y had played better and taken advantage of Rainn's mistakes they would've easily won the matches" Top tier thinking right here
OscarArkona Prieš mėn
its really painful watching these games
OscarArkona Prieš mėn
@Fred G not saying i don't expect it, I just can't help but cringe at some of these blunders
Fred G
Fred G Prieš mėn
Well, it's a tournament for Minecraft and Fortnite players. What do you expect?
alex16cole Prieš mėn
Germán López-Campos
Germán López-Campos Prieš mėn
Wait, will mate get mainstream? I'm not sure how much I'd like that :|
dementia34 Prieš mėn
Imagine gatekeeping a word
veronica Prieš mėn
I’d say it’s been pretty’s mainstream in American universities for the past 3 years at least
Elnaz Adel
Elnaz Adel Prieš mėn
My two favorites are in finals I’m so happy 😍
Bob Boon Zoom
Bob Boon Zoom Prieš mėn
Consolation or Winners bracket?
Haribo_player-too Prieš mėn
veronica Let's get real. Benji had Rain on the ropes and had many though times. He made tons of obvious blunders the second game I don't see how is he unfairly strong
veronica Prieš mėn
@Misty that’s not his real rating, it’s an account he never uses
Misty Prieš mėn
@veronica nah he isn’t he was rated 130 below Benny and The best player is like 1400 being the French player a Sardoche which Benny beat
veronica Prieš mėn
@Bad Cornflakes same, i really believe having rainn Wilson was a mistake, he’s way above everyone’s level
Matthew Erickson
Matthew Erickson Prieš mėn
2:02:27 "I think I countered that pretty well" No Tubbo you almost gave away your Queen because if she used her knight to fork the Queen and King because of the move...
Serxue Gold is pretty useless in survival
Serxue Gold is pretty useless in survival Prieš mėn
LMAO. Its all for fun tho
Gelatinous Joe
Gelatinous Joe Prieš mėn
It's 800, stuff happens
Austin Figueroa
Austin Figueroa Prieš mėn
I mean she should’ve been mated in 2 after not seeing that fork so honestly super sloppy from both of them
henry liu
henry liu Prieš mėn
Tubbo did great! Too bad he lost
steak house
steak house Prieš mėn
Nah Tubbo did terrible
AngryWarthog Prieš mėn
Why did LTpost have to make you the top comment and give me spoilers 😥
cam Prieš mėn
i’m currently at 10 subs, how many can i get from this comment?
Kristan Prieš mėn
Assistant to the regional manager black belt karate humble beat farmer beats up a man looking like a young boy
John Quill Taylor
John Quill Taylor Prieš mėn
This is such a common occurrence in the Scranton, Pennsylvania school districts, they even have a name for it: Tuesday. - j q t -
Rama Chandra
Rama Chandra Prieš mėn
Anna Rudolf is going to be ecstatic . Both her students have reached the final of the consolation bracket .
Golden Lemons
Golden Lemons Prieš 16 val
@Symptomgaming Cringe
Symptomgaming Prieš 12 dienų
@Golden Lemons more cringe more great.
Golden Lemons
Golden Lemons Prieš 12 dienų
@Symptomgaming Cringe
Golden Lemons
Golden Lemons Prieš mėn
@Symptomgaming Cringe
Symptomgaming Prieš mėn
@Golden Lemons keep going don't stop
Rudrank Prieš mėn
Ah damn. Missed the stream. Oh well.
BM Prieš mėn
Domination Gaming
Domination Gaming Prieš mėn
Me too
Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor Prieš mėn
16:29 BenjyFishy v Dwight Kurt Schrute III Game 1 42:55 BenjyFishy v Dwight Kurt Schrute III Game 2 1:37:50 Tubbo v Neeko Game 1 2:04:50 Tubbo v Neeko Game 2 !!SPOILERS IN THE COMMENT BELOW!! ANY TIEBREAKERS WILL BE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!
Kent Takaishi
Kent Takaishi Prieš mėn
Anthony Wang
Anthony Wang Prieš mėn
I love how u added ‘III’
jeni hernandez
jeni hernandez Prieš mėn
seigne Prieš mėn
timestamp taylor vs timestamp terry
RexTer Inc.
RexTer Inc. Prieš mėn
lets goo
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