Playing an RPG for the second time

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Joel Haver

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Adventure awaits again.
The third installment of the RPG series -
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Joel Haver
Joel Haver Prieš 4 dienas
This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist -
khw Prieš 2 val
this is amazing
Yami Prieš 7 val
such a smart fucking idea
MrVelaskes201 Prieš 11 val
@Brandon Peterson its AI app called ebsynth cool app i used it to change faces like deepfake
Buster_Brownie Prieš 13 val
Please don't stop making these. They're hilarious and very well made! Thank you for the smiles 😃
Jonathan C
Jonathan C Prieš 14 val
This is not a joke, this trilogy was actually exceptionally moving. It has taught me to take more consideration in my actions, instead of yanking on the reigns too hard or just letting things pass. I’m serious dude, this series is killer. If you ever need a hand with audio work ever, I’d be happy to help.
Mr Malokai
Mr Malokai Prieš 6 minučių
Joel: Haver another one!
Mario Adrián Santamaría Rodríguez
Mario Adrián Santamaría Rodríguez Prieš 7 minučių
Nathaniel Bishop
Nathaniel Bishop Prieš 10 minučių
loved the end
Do Mo
Do Mo Prieš 11 minučių
Finally! The good ending lol, keep up the awesome videos :)
Mrman Prieš 11 minučių
A healthbar does not show who is an enemy to you, it shows who’s an enemy to themselves.” Well damn
Arcana Prieš 13 minučių
He trapped a dead navi on his belly lmao
Tasubi Prieš 16 minučių
ahahaha better end possible
Marc's Video Dumpster
Marc's Video Dumpster Prieš 26 minučių
You have no idea how much I love this, having watched the previous RPG videos this feels like a great ending.
Carson O'Keeffe
Carson O'Keeffe Prieš 27 minučių
I love this style of animation so much, there’s something comforting about it. It’s really human somehow.
Seth Mullins
Seth Mullins Prieš 30 minučių
Plot twist: the galactic emperor, the bounty hunter, and the space pilots are all descendants of this guy all future heroes are descendants of Jacob the savior
Gokith Prieš 44 minutes
I just can’t stop re-watch it
ellis ebersole
ellis ebersole Prieš val
Didn’t expect such a wholesome ending. Loved the videos, they genuinely made me laugh. Thank you
burningxdimx Prieš val
Fucking lol'd at Jacob
BiggOuunce Prieš val
i love this
sirha konik
sirha konik Prieš val
Sinkleer von Stauberg
Sinkleer von Stauberg Prieš val
oh hi, master sword. i thought you were the hookshot for a second haha...
apex_XD Prieš val
this is giving me scanner darkly vibes
Tekinette Prieš val
Next video better be "Playing a RPG sequel" and we get to see that Marshall survived and is back, stronger than ever.
Absinthe Prieš 2 val
Can't decide if this channel is serious story content or pure shitpost, but I'm not complaining!
gEt Taa Noo
gEt Taa Noo Prieš 2 val
Is sky news reporting fake news again hmmm actually funny what they claim in this video 😂
cOoLsKeLeToN95 Prieš 2 val
The diamond in the gold mine....the diamond in the gold mine..............
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Prieš 2 val
high fantasy media.
Ric Chapin
Ric Chapin Prieš 2 val
I like how the reward for capturing marshal is our eternal gratitude.
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Prieš 2 val
Zinriusminazen Prieš 2 val
2:34 bottom right corner... is that... is that a loading wheel? I just so happen to notice it after the 10,000th time watching this.
Professor Coldheart
Professor Coldheart Prieš 2 val
Wait a minute, you could have had that gun...
danyiMEDIA Prieš 3 val
Hilarious 😂😂😂😂
Jorge Vespucci
Jorge Vespucci Prieš 3 val
Wait... so, hes evil now that he has a gun. More anti-gun bs. bruh. I thought you were cool.
ImVeryBrad Prieš 3 val
this is hilarious
In Dimensions
In Dimensions Prieš 3 val
Kingdom Come in a nutshell...
Drago ‹Peely› Kalm
Drago ‹Peely› Kalm Prieš 3 val
BruH ThE raT GOt a GuN?!? 11?1!? TOp 10 AnIme PlOT twiST ever
Tiny Mike
Tiny Mike Prieš 3 val
GENOCIDE2099 Prieš 3 val
C Vel
C Vel Prieš 3 val
It feels like the witcher always feeling like i made the wrong choice :(
Kirill Gorobets
Kirill Gorobets Prieš 3 val
Whoops, captured a mouse cursor at 4:02 (look bottom right)
Lawrence Pickles
Lawrence Pickles Prieš 4 val
Do more animation skits please! they are fucking gold!
Juncboks Prieš 4 val
I don't know wtf this was, but I'm really happy I watched it. 👍
Tactical Reload Gaming
Tactical Reload Gaming Prieš 4 val
Why is there a gun like that in medieval times? XD And others know its a gun lmao
Asahi Illionos Apiero
Asahi Illionos Apiero Prieš 4 val
Damn, the animation sucks so much but it's more interesting than most Movies or anime I have seen.
Riccardo Pedini
Riccardo Pedini Prieš 4 val
leonardo rossi
leonardo rossi Prieš 4 val
Let me press "like button" multiple times pls
Just Some Guy Without a Mustache Jr.
Just Some Guy Without a Mustache Jr. Prieš 4 val
"He kidnapped my son, ransacked the town and now he's on his way to kill the king." Me: -Marshall is overpowered
Russell Teapot
Russell Teapot Prieš 5 val
Chaircheck Prieš 5 val
ボン Prieš 5 val
The manga was better, they've cut too much content in the anime.
Iv Pu
Iv Pu Prieš 5 val
One crazy ride😂
Jesi Ash
Jesi Ash Prieš 5 val
Mayukh Bhattacharya
Mayukh Bhattacharya Prieš 6 val
this is going down in history
Pedro Kim
Pedro Kim Prieš 6 val
If Marshall was releasing the kingdom worst criminals ... the player was at the prision ... does it make the player one of the criminals that were released by Marshall?
George Prieš 6 val
This is so satisfying thank you man
Adronius Prieš 6 val
I think I can speak for everyone when I say we all just wanna chill with the giant for a bit.
doggo dogman
doggo dogman Prieš 7 val
Marshell you fiend
Toxic Gamer
Toxic Gamer Prieš 7 val
oh my god they really knocked it out of the park what a great end thank you for this video
Sneaky Prieš 7 val
your dad will be so very proud of you. 💜
jnerdsblog Prieš 7 val
This is maybe the greatest redemption arc ever.
King Hibiscus
King Hibiscus Prieš 7 val
When the giant offered him water like the man once did to him, I felt that
Cameron Tennant
Cameron Tennant Prieš 7 val
The good(?) ending
Dry_Powder Prieš 8 val
Amazing conclusion
Nova Prieš 8 val
I don’t know why I waited to watch this, this is so fulfilling after last time
James Kelsey
James Kelsey Prieš 8 val
This art style is incredible
Morbidity100 Prieš 8 val
First Try: Murderhobo Second Try: Hero Third Try?: Power-trip
Jamjo Prieš 8 val
Please do more this is amazing
BehindTheSmile Prieš 8 val
Ending with the giant is a nice touch
Ow Oof My Bones
Ow Oof My Bones Prieš 8 val
The ending we all wanted.
Counter Blast
Counter Blast Prieš 8 val
ADVENTURE............ awaits.
Mavvet Prieš 8 val
oh fuck
insert name here
insert name here Prieš 8 val
I am glad I subbed and Eben more glad for pressing the bell. But even more more glad that i am too drunk but I haven't thrown up.
insert name here
insert name here Prieš 8 val
However boys, my stomach isn't feeling too great if I may say so myself.
Amaroo Jamal Ingwe
Amaroo Jamal Ingwe Prieš 9 val
Should have asked the old man if he's Obi Wan so he can teach his Padawan ass how to be a proper Jedi in the first playthrough so he wouldn't do everything wrong and unintentionally be on the dark side.
zYgIsTaN Prieš 9 val
Owl Prieš 9 val
This animation style conflicts me.
bacon hobo
bacon hobo Prieš 10 val
Dragodonv2 Prieš 10 val
Holy shit. Can this just BE an RPG concept?
OgichiGame Prieš 10 val
Who needs to walk when the power of rage propels you forward in defiance of gravity and physics
Lily Vuong
Lily Vuong Prieš 10 val
Petition for this to become a fully fledged series?
TheKorosachi Prieš 10 val
Is this animation style rotoscoping?
Iwor735 Prieš 10 val
That definitely isn't where I expected to see something wholesome. Feels kinda nice.
Cameron Prieš 10 val
How exactly is this animated? I’ve never seen anything like these before
Cymes Prieš val
Rotoscoping - it's a technique where you trace over a live action footage to create realistic animation.
Declan Merritt
Declan Merritt Prieš 10 val
“So anyway the whole operation is run by Marshall the Rat.”
Maugre Prieš 10 val
The ending I didnt know I needed
ToonerChris Prieš 10 val
What of the King Of Worse Criminal's that Marshall freed?
Cri Prieš 10 val
red rat redemption
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Prieš 11 val
Why does this feel like a weird lucid dream I don’t remember
Juber777 Prieš 11 val
When he said "that's nice" for watching the sunset everyday, I too said that's nice. It is nice feeling, this video is nice.
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Prieš 11 val
The best ending achieved. What if the 3rd adventure he joins the rat to take over the kingdom?
Platinum_ Eye_935
Platinum_ Eye_935 Prieš 11 val
Oh fuck
RayCloud Prieš 11 val
So what about the monarchy and the government? A king gets assassinated and with no heir basically spells a political struggle between rival warlords(or basically just people killing each other to obtain control of the kingdom and establish a new royal bloodline). Just a random thought I had after rewatching this for like the tenth time
Isaac Prieš 11 val
The king had a bastard son most likely
Carab the singer
Carab the singer Prieš 11 val
The king looks like youtuber graenolf to me. Sorry if that's weird to say but he does
Useless Villager
Useless Villager Prieš 11 val
I really liked this, the animation looked really good too.
Junk Bucket
Junk Bucket Prieš 11 val
This was so good perfect ending to the other two. I really liked the little bits in there as well, like the dog he didn't kill or the king saying he wasn't that corrupt
Pedro Amaral
Pedro Amaral Prieš 11 val
the way you build your characters is sooo good, loved the giant in the ending, felt so real
Pedro Amaral
Pedro Amaral Prieš 11 val
what the hell is happening
mhour sagala
mhour sagala Prieš 8 val
A Classic. Remembered for all of times.
gaming warlord
gaming warlord Prieš 11 val
I'd love it if this was like, an actual show. Not sure what kinda animation this is it is incredibly pleasing to watch
HotBox Boer
HotBox Boer Prieš 11 val
Hahahahahaha I'm so glad I watched the first one. I laughed so hard. Well played!
82F GDT Prieš 11 val
Top 10 Sequals That Were Better Than Their Originals
Anthony Prieš 11 val
I just found these videos today, dude these animations are amazing! They are so unique with the style and hilarious. Keep up the great work!
Joseph Marschall
Joseph Marschall Prieš 12 val
This needs to continue. Its excellent.
Connor Simon
Connor Simon Prieš 12 val
Why am I crying
Black Iron Tarkus
Black Iron Tarkus Prieš 12 val
"Adventure.... awaits." Such an epic lines.
Braxton Davis
Braxton Davis Prieš 12 val
You are my new favorite youtuber
SoshiPlayZ Prieš 12 val
The best ending achieved. What if the 3rd adventure he joins the rat to take over the kingdom?
Nintendofan24X Prieš 12 val
Run with this idea and make it ur day job to make these every two weeks and i think it will make you alot of youtube money. You said you and one other animater worked on it if you two work together to make it even biweekly plently of youtube money to go around for u and ur other words continue the rpg series
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