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Official music video for “The Search” by NF.
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Music video by NF performing The Search. © 2019 NF Real Music, LLC

12 notorious
12 notorious Prieš 3 minutes
Michael " iron" chandler 🔥🔥🔥
Teja Dharmada
Teja Dharmada Prieš val
Michael Chandler use this song
Quster Prieš val
Editors: what should the background be NF: a lonely place and a cart
정훈한 Prieš val
Michael Chandler brought me here 💥
Chigozie Umeukeje
Chigozie Umeukeje Prieš val
I feel stupid for thinking he was Eminem... Never will I make that mistake again
N KK Prieš 2 val
Walid Uchiha
Walid Uchiha Prieš 4 val
23k still searching 🔎
David Knížek
David Knížek Prieš 4 val
Waiting for the new album!
Jeffrey Jarstad
Jeffrey Jarstad Prieš 4 val
Wow he's awesome true shit
Leo Leo
Leo Leo Prieš 6 val
Best rap ever heard
Shiekat YT
Shiekat YT Prieš 6 val
they say justice is a rightous act... to those who deserve it... but where does ustice fall... and lead way to veangence? hmph. guess we'll sort that out later
KIEF HARING Prieš 7 val
The switch up is flawless...
Stop it get some help
Stop it get some help Prieš 8 val
Is no one paying attention to the guys in the back doing every jitsu to ever be see in naruto 😨🤝✊🤚🤏🦶👍👏👉👍🤏🤛🤝🖐🤜🖖👍
MfScp Alex
MfScp Alex Prieš 9 val
this goes so good with dragon ball
Nicole Mubel
Nicole Mubel Prieš 10 val
Michael Chandler rocks!
Jack Danes Jr.
Jack Danes Jr. Prieš 9 val
@Nicole Mubel I don't have a phone, and my school chromebook blocks it
Nicole Mubel
Nicole Mubel Prieš 9 val
@Jack Danes Jr. why not twitter?
Jack Danes Jr.
Jack Danes Jr. Prieš 9 val
I only have youtube
Jack Danes Jr.
Jack Danes Jr. Prieš 9 val
@Nicole Mubel I don't have Twitter
Nicole Mubel
Nicole Mubel Prieš 9 val
@Jack Danes Jr. i have the video on my twitter of chandler using NFs search song in background as he walks in song for UFC fight
Sean Tran
Sean Tran Prieš 10 val
Michael Chandler has arrived.
joey chestnuts
joey chestnuts Prieš 10 val
michael chandler is the goat
Yas Yas
Yas Yas Prieš 10 val
Who’s is here from WWE RAW ? 😂
Terry Blyth
Terry Blyth Prieš 10 val
Michael Chandler
Monkey D. Dragon
Monkey D. Dragon Prieš 12 val
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan Prieš 13 val
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan Prieš 7 val
@Jack Danes Jr. I don't reply you you first reply me ok
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan Prieš 7 val
@Jack Danes Jr. ok do your work
Jack Danes Jr.
Jack Danes Jr. Prieš 7 val
@Jack Ryan Don't call me an ahole. I was just wondering
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan Prieš 9 val
@Jack Danes Jr. any problem give me your number asshole
Jack Danes Jr.
Jack Danes Jr. Prieš 9 val
Why so many unnecessary comments? 1 would be fine
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan Prieš 13 val
SushiLovesPokemon PikaPika
SushiLovesPokemon PikaPika Prieš 13 val
Imagine if he rapped songs talking about hoes and money.
Samuel Loveless
Samuel Loveless Prieš 13 val
Dam that second bar
YUGEINDRAH A/L RAVI Moe Prieš 13 val
He went all out!
Bennigauja Prieš 14 val
hes filming in iceland right?
Nicole Mubel
Nicole Mubel Prieš 10 val
@Bennigauja yeah he said it was cold lol
Bennigauja Prieš 12 val
@Nicole Mubel oh shit thats fucking cool
Nicole Mubel
Nicole Mubel Prieš 13 val
mohamed Moustafa
mohamed Moustafa Prieš 14 val
New eminem ❤❤❤🔥🔥
unbroken -
unbroken - Prieš 15 val
This guy is so real. I can't stop listening to his songs🤩😱 He really has something to say.
Carter Huckle
Carter Huckle Prieš 18 val
who is Nate?
Nicole Mubel
Nicole Mubel Prieš 16 val
@Carter Huckle lol I know
Carter Huckle
Carter Huckle Prieš 16 val
@Nicole Mubel lmfao
Nicole Mubel
Nicole Mubel Prieš 16 val
@Carter Huckle well you never know lol I have had to answer what does Nf stand for numerous times 🤣
Carter Huckle
Carter Huckle Prieš 16 val
@Nicole Mubel ik it was a joke 😂
Nicole Mubel
Nicole Mubel Prieš 16 val
That is NFs name.
CryPticZ Prieš 18 val
Nfs freinds:Dude your so fast at rapping.its like you dont breathe oxygen lol Nf:Whats oxygen
Giovanni Pegoraro
Giovanni Pegoraro Prieš 19 val
Oh my fuckin god this music is so good
Aziz Melli
Aziz Melli Prieš 19 val
Can we talk about how clear he sings, im a super trash rapper but i can keep up with his speed and understand it perfectly, and i can sing it infront of my parents cuz its doesnt have any drugs or cussing in it
Deha şimşek Yıldırım
Deha şimşek Yıldırım Prieš 20 val
Deha şimşek Yıldırım
Deha şimşek Yıldırım Prieš 20 val
90 MN 💥🔥
Daveneleinad Gonmurr chan :3
Daveneleinad Gonmurr chan :3 Prieš 21 val
"where the beat go?" epic sentence
Omar Hussain
Omar Hussain Prieš 22 val
The like/dislike ratio makes me happy to be a part of the NF family
Moonlight Alpha
Moonlight Alpha Prieš 22 val
Young KB
Young KB Prieš 23 val
NF ft KB Man 🔥🔥🔥 Who else wanna see this
royal gamer tv
royal gamer tv Prieš 23 val
@Lemoneasy ever heard of the tragedy of Emi the nem
clint kees
clint kees Prieš 23 val
so tired of youtubes shit! have marked this channel as do not recommend/ no interested in! and yet look another video popped up..... FUCK LTpost! STOP THE SPAM!
Viorvula Prieš 14 val
@clint kees Ok, Mao-Zedong Simp.
clint kees
clint kees Prieš 14 val
@Viorvula which does nothing? Atleast this way it might actually get back to youtube and maybe something will be done. I will have to make a new account either way but this shit HAS to change... 7 years of this.
Viorvula Prieš 14 val
Stop commenting on their vids. Mark not interested.
RENI Prieš dieną
Coolomat 3001
Coolomat 3001 Prieš dieną
Roleplay Button :3 1:56
Sky24 Prieš dieną
Anyone 2021?
Khan studios
Khan studios Prieš dieną
Eminem + NF= An actual Atomic Bomb
Swargo Dash Gupto
Swargo Dash Gupto Prieš dieną
Local Aesthetic Anime Girl
Local Aesthetic Anime Girl Prieš dieną
you just gained a sub :) btw love your music
scythe death
scythe death Prieš dieną
6ix9ine: girls in bikinis lambo and trash of a song NF: shopping cart balloons and a amazing song
Sylas Plays
Sylas Plays Prieš dieną
@NFrealmusic I think I found out why everyone else is dressed in white and so clean and Nate is dressed in all black and dirty it’s because it shows that it’s OK to be different and you should except yourself for who you are and if no one wants to it’s fine let them not want to be with you
Sabrina Hager
Sabrina Hager Prieš dieną
I remember when you dropped this album.. I felt so heard..
BLKDMNDNM Prieš dieną
Shit son 🔥🔥🔥
Xyron barua
Xyron barua Prieš dieną
sorry about the dislikes its from my neighbors
K L Prieš dieną
*Them bars made me choke on my sprite*
Enraged Dragon
Enraged Dragon Prieš dieną
Hatred for humans,I feel that homie.
Nevaeh blair-tate
Nevaeh blair-tate Prieš dieną
My fellow fans of nate here in 2021 r straight up legends 🙌
banana Prieš dieną
Billie ellish been real quiet since this dropped
A Fern
A Fern Prieš dieną
I kinda wish this song was called "Intro IV"
Troy Witkowski
Troy Witkowski Prieš dieną
Denzel Washingmachine
Denzel Washingmachine Prieš dieną
NFL's ability to cut open his life and let it all spill out is equally vulnerable and powerful. Rapping in front of a crowd while suffering from anxiety is therapeutic. His openness is refreshing. And to be able to do it with such unbelievable talent is truly astounding. Most people are scrambling trying to catch any little thing that falls out of their baggage. NF rips open the bag and dumps it out for all to see.
Danny G Nature and things
Danny G Nature and things Prieš dieną
..."Never political"... mad respect!!
jawslynn hollis
jawslynn hollis Prieš dieną
Your the best rapper
Kaitlin Dane
Kaitlin Dane Prieš dieną
NF is not a Christian rapper. He’s a Christian who raps about his life experiences and how his childhood was. There is a whole article on it. He doesn’t want that stipulation on him of being a Christian rapper because then everyone would expect him to talk about God. He’s a Christian, just not a Christian rapper. There are so many more things Christians can do, but when the label “Christian” is put on us, there are stigmas like we are suppose to be sinless and that we don’t make mistakes. A lot of people deem Christians as “perfect” or “unable to sin” when that isn’t the case at all. We are all sinners, even Christians. Everyone makes mistakes. That is what makes us human. NF is just simply rapping about his experiences in life and how Christians have more to offer the world then just spreading the gospel.
Highpot Prieš dieną
i am feeling bored so here 123 456 789 101112 13141 51617181920 2122232425262728293031 23233435363 738394041424344454647 484950 ok i am done
ashley pole
ashley pole Prieš dieną
he makes music people can relate to...I love him and his songs😁
M A Prieš dieną
Hey, Nate, how's life?" I don't know, it's alright I've been dealin' with some things like every human being And really didn't sleep much last night (last night) "I'm sorry", that's fine I just think I need a little me time I just think I need a little free time Little break from the shows and the bus rides (bus rides), yeah Last year I had a breakdown Thoughts tellin' me I'm lost gettin' too loud Had to see a therapist, then I found out Somethin' funny's goin' on up in my house Yeah, I started thinkin' maybe I should move out You know, pack my car, take a new route Clean up my yard, get the noose out Hang up my heart, let it air out (air out) I've been searchin' "What does that mean, Nate?" I've been learning Grabbin' my keepsakes, leavin' my burdens Well, I brought a few with me, I'm not perfect Lookin' at the view like, this concerns me Pickin' up the cues, right? I'm quite nervous Hate it when I lose sight, life gets blurry And things might hurt me It's prolly gonna be a long journey, but hey (but hey) It's worth it, though Cold world out there, kids, grab your coats Been a minute, I know, now I'm back to roam Lookin' for the antidote to crack the code Pretty vivid, I admit it, I'm in classic mode Don't need pity given to me, but I can't condone Talkin' down to me, I'ma have to crack your nose for crackin' jokes I'm lookin' for the map to hope, you seen it? (You seen it?) Been makin' a whole lot of changes Wrote a song about that, you should play it I get scared when I walk on these stages I look at the crowd and see so many faces, yeah That's when I start to get anxious That's when my thoughts can be dangerous That's when I put on my makeup and drown in self-hatred Forget what I'm saying, and Where'd the beat go? Oh, ain't that somethin'? Drums came in, you ain't see that comin' Hands on my head, can't tell me nothin' Got a taste of the fame, had to pump my stomach Throw it back up like I don't want it Wipe my face, clean up my vomit OCD, tryna push my buttons I said don't touch it, now y'all done it I can be critical, never typical Intricate with every syllable, I'm a criminal Intimate, but never political, pretty visual Even if you hate it, I'll make it feel like you're in it, though You call me what you wanna, but never call me forgettable Leave you deep in thought, I could never swim in the kiddie pool Way that I been thinkin' is cinematic, it's beautiful Man, I don't know if I'm makin' movies or music videos (videos, videos, videos) Yeah, the sales can rise Doesn't mean much though when your health declines See, we've all got somethin' that we trapped inside That we try to suffocate, you know, hopin' it dies Try to hold it underwater but it always survives Then it comes up out of nowhere like an evil surprise Then it hovers over you to tell you millions of lies You don't relate to that? Must not be as crazy as I am The point I'm makin' is the mind is a powerful place And what you feed it can affect you in a powerful way It's pretty cool, right? Yeah, but it's not always safe Just hang with me, this'll only take a moment, okay? Just think about it for a second, if you look at your face Every day when you get up and think you'll never be great You'll never be great, not because you're not, but the hate Will always find a way to cut you up and murder your faith (woo!) I am developin', take a look at the benefits Nothin' to meddle with, I can never be delicate Am I even relevant? That depends how you measure it Take a measurement, then bag it up and give me the evidence Pretty evident, dependable can never be tentative I'm a gentleman, depending on if I think you're genuine Pretty elegant, but not afraid to tell you to get a grip Proper etiquette, I keep it to myself when I celebrate, ah (ah) It's that time again Better grab your balloons and invite your friends Seatbelts back on, yeah, strap 'em in Look at me, everybody, I'm smilin' big On a road right now that I can't predict Tell me "Tone that down, " but I can't resist Y'all know that sound, better raise your fist The search begins, I'm back, so enjoy the trip, huh LUV u baby mama ❤️❤️🥰🥰❤️❤️
もぐりしゅん Prieš dieną
thank you so much
Jakub Dřízga
Jakub Dřízga Prieš dieną
I just love how the beat drops... FING INSANE
Godamn insane 🏴🍻
Miguel V. c. v
Miguel V. c. v Prieš dieną
Good the best like crack ;)
Jabulani Simango
Jabulani Simango Prieš dieną
Up to know I still wonder how he used the same shopping cart in more than 1 vid with 4 working wheels
Virtue zasi
Virtue zasi Prieš dieną
your not good so trash and the person who told me to send this is fucking mental i hate him HATERS SAY
Yasashi Gaming
Yasashi Gaming Prieš dieną
Awesome music ❤️
Ruben Smit
Ruben Smit Prieš dieną
Be honest who's here from anime tiktoks 👇
Garg Onff
Garg Onff Prieš dieną
Really cant sleep like I didn't really get what I deserve started thanking I should work anyway doing less for some more all she really is hard to say cold gang back to back singles no classical no remasters good enough what I say to it started thanking satan for comming back bottled this up wiped my stick vomit next up can u feel like ur meserbles too will my sail ever side and will me sells ever start off my pockets first place ur right ur never going to be great ur me louser number what ever the fuck u are pack is hot turning ur the world thank urself for on trump huh
Madigan Shaw
Madigan Shaw Prieš dieną
Just got introduced to him this week and have been playing his stuff on repeat! His songs are so relatable and real. I'm blown away by the talent!
Ettore Giangreco
Ettore Giangreco Prieš 2 dienas
Harmanjot Kaur Dhaliwal
Harmanjot Kaur Dhaliwal Prieš 2 dienas
He is AWESOME . Simple.
Galactic Beast
Galactic Beast Prieš 2 dienas
Mini eminem
Daniel Prieš 2 dienas
Hey Nate, hows life?
Uwe Kersna
Uwe Kersna Prieš 2 dienas
Prime Eminem
JUSTINE PH Prieš 2 dienas
Moshii Luck
Moshii Luck Prieš 2 dienas
This was made years ago but still hits like it was made yesterday.
Its_ Flaymey
Its_ Flaymey Prieš 2 dienas
Link Milos
Link Milos Prieš 2 dienas
Listen closly to the Text its wiesly
Kalwyn Prieš 2 dienas
Who's here after Sharm's cover ?
makie mabuza
makie mabuza Prieš 2 dienas
This is RAWs new theme song
Sinner Katana
Sinner Katana Prieš 2 dienas
Garen For Win :)
alone Prieš 2 dienas
2:30 Eminem?
Astr0melet Prieš 2 dienas
Came here cus of apex legends S3 ,stayed because this is the best rap i have ever heard
CC Christopher
CC Christopher Prieš 2 dienas
I bet my mom might like him just for the reason he didn’t curse words or talk about anything that’s exactly inappropriate
Bunny Hinton
Bunny Hinton Prieš 2 dienas
OMFG.! This SHOOK me to the core.! Noob fan.! 💜
Hiding Vibes
Hiding Vibes Prieš 2 dienas
I love your Voice you are a amazing rapper love ya
No Name
No Name Prieš 2 dienas
1:58 Fire🔥
Ironmonk 12
Ironmonk 12 Prieš 2 dienas
Don't look for cuss words. Look for the words that matters. This guy knew it already. He is under underrated. Too bad I can't download his songs.
Andrew's Music
Andrew's Music Prieš 2 dienas
Every white rapper ever
Nicole Mubel
Nicole Mubel Prieš 2 dienas
These race remarks are getting old. This “white rapper” is the only white rapper i have listened to and bought all four of his albums. I am sorry but I do not know any other white rappers that do not cuss in any of their music unless it is a christian one but I do not know of any. I also do not know any other “white rappers” who connects videos and songs albums later and hides eggs in their videos. This “white rapper” got this 42 year old out of a bad spell last year. He does this for a ton of other people too black and white fans. Your comment is just not correct sorry. I grew up on the best hip hop that came out too and this “white rapper” is a very good artist who additionally co produces and co directs his music.
I live for God
I live for God Prieš 2 dienas
The shopping cart to me means his insecurities and the black balloons mean his depression and he is trying to change and the white clothes mean your pure
Hakim Mcrae
Hakim Mcrae Prieš 2 dienas
The base on this if only all songs had bass like this
Homero Simpson
Homero Simpson Prieš 2 dienas
Hakim Mcrae
Hakim Mcrae Prieš 2 dienas
Well done well done I love this song
Grant Cook
Grant Cook Prieš 2 dienas
why is this song so good?
Reece Serna
Reece Serna Prieš 2 dienas
This shit sucks
Nicole Mubel
Nicole Mubel Prieš dieną
@I Use Hacks ok. I can see you point on that part. I even said that was the rudest thing I wrote. I will keep that in mind in the future. I deleted that comment.
I Use Hacks
I Use Hacks Prieš dieną
@Nicole Mubel im talking about the "your comment looks dumb" "your comment is stupid" part. I can see how you could miss that 😁. Have a good evening.
Nicole Mubel
Nicole Mubel Prieš dieną
@I Use Hacks Have a good evening!
Nicole Mubel
Nicole Mubel Prieš dieną
@I Use Hacks how did I attack? I wrote out a whole paragraph explaining the music video lol Attack would be going on off on that person swearing at him etc I did none of that. No I do not like being called a dick not even my own drill sergeants in the army called me names like that pal. How about get over it. Until you see me being nasty and disrespectful you should let me be. I was pretty informative to that person.
I Use Hacks
I Use Hacks Prieš dieną
@Nicole Mubel Oh. Your one of *those* The "you cant say I'm a dick because im a woman" argument. Heres a thought, maybe, ok I know this will sound crazy, but maybe, I dont actually care wheather or not you are a woman because that has nothing to do with the argument 😲😲😲😲😲😲 i know, shocking right? Lets recap this argument for everyone at home. Person 1: dislikes music Person 2: likes music so attacks person 1 Person 3: feels as though having an opinion on music is ok and you shouldn't attack someone for having an opinion Does everyone understand? Ok. Let's move on
Alolan Lucario
Alolan Lucario Prieš 2 dienas
I don’t love him but that drop is just...
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