iPhone 12 - What Apple Didn't Answer!

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Rene Ritchie

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You had questions about the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, 120Hz, 5G, Dolby Vision, MagSafe, cameras, mmWave, and so much more. You wanted answers, you wanted the truth. Well, I’m here to hand you that truth.
Let’s do this!
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0:00 - Intro
0:40 - Why no 120Hz on iPhone 12?
2:41 - Why no 8K recording on iPhone 12?
5:05 - Why no Touch ID on iPhone 12?
6:28 - Is Ceramic Shield on the back of iPhone 12?
7:28 - Do you need a screen protector for iPhone 12?
8:27 - Which iPhones 12 have IBIS (OIS)?
9:45 - iPhone 12 Pro Max - What’s the difference?
11:05 - Should you upgrade for the camera?
12:35 - iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro?
13:20 - When is Apple going to fix the UI/UX?
14:56 - Will iPhone 12 mini have less RAM/speed?
16:25 - Higher price but fewer accessories?
21:35 - What’s that weird spot on the side of iPhone 12?
22:24 - Why is mmWave U.S. only?
23:37 - Can you use U.S. mmWave iPhone 12 internationally?
25:01 - Is Apple misleading about the iPhone 12 price?
25:41 - A14 Bionic different in iPhone 12 vs. iPad Air?
27:23 - Is MagSafe… safe for credit cards?
27:59 - Bonus question!
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Šoća Đukžičić
Šoća Đukžičić Prieš 3 dienas
There is next to 0 improvment in image quality in phones that came in last 5 years. That sounds mostly like exuse. I my self love tech stuff and new gadgets and thats why i have tons of them. Now do i need all of that? Yes i do!
xrobx3x Prieš 10 dienų
At 14:48 you say “Scale in the Enemy of Quality”. Very nice thank you I hadn’t thought of it quite like that.
Alexis Gonzalez
Alexis Gonzalez Prieš 15 dienų
My iPhone got an update that lets me unlock it while wearing a mask. It works for me. By the way, we don’t expect to live wearing masks forever.
ငယ္ ေလး
ငယ္ ေလး Prieš 20 dienų
Bardhok Ndoji
Bardhok Ndoji Prieš 23 dienas
Can someone explain to me, why is so much drama about the usbc power brick?? Please, I am dying to know. They are literally under £10 on amazon, you buy one and you keep it for every freaking phone you buy for the next few years. Instead of Apple shipping tons of waste that hundred of millions probably won't need. Just stop being such a goddamn drama and buy one, keep it for as long as you need it. Geeezz, people are really really weird.
Julio Guzmán
Julio Guzmán Prieš 23 dienas
¿Por qué no los dos? ❤️
Loftur Guðrúnarson
Loftur Guðrúnarson Prieš 23 dienas
You make very many excellent points. Thank you.
Ryan Owens
Ryan Owens Prieš 25 dienų
5g worst thing to happen to phones
Vidu Wanasingha
Vidu Wanasingha Prieš 25 dienų
iPhone XR was $749 ✌
Madge Blaze
Madge Blaze Prieš 27 dienų
Many people, nerds especially, seem to forget that iPhones are luxury items. They not only take the incredible technology in these devices for granted but seem to believe that their access to them, to all the toys, is a right. Sure, i’d like to own the nice shiny new things, but i’m not deprived because my gear is 3 years old, i’m lucky to have it at all. Love your content, Rene, and always look forward to your insights :)
Monté Zæ
Monté Zæ Prieš 28 dienų
i forgot that the iPhone 11 had an LCD display and the new iPhone 12 will have the OLED...i guess thats how they are justifying the 100-130 dollar price hike. making the customers pay for the imported screens from LG/Samsung
Harjap Aulakh
Harjap Aulakh Prieš 29 dienų
For 8k it’s kinda usless because u need a 8k tv or monitor to even see 8k in full effect
Voxboxc Prieš mėn
Biased. That's all.
kitsis andreas
kitsis andreas Prieš mėn
awsome content.
Channel Surfing
Channel Surfing Prieš mėn
IPhones are getting boring! Truly, the same old shit! Apple better up their game! I will not upgrade until something is different! Who watches movies on their iphones not as much now. The main upgrade is basically 5G that's it...
Infinite Loop
Infinite Loop Prieš mėn
With the power brick issue. Apple could of mitigated some of this by including with the USB-C to lightning cable a USB-C to USB-A adapter in the iPhone 12/12pro boxes.
Joe Glenn
Joe Glenn Prieš mėn
Great video. Very good insight I appreciate what you’ve done here. I did find it a little funny about the comment about people having to worry about a power brick. I think some people need to kind of get over some things in life. Order an anchor one online. But it’s not something you have to worry about. Now I don’t believe for a second Apple is doing it for the environment I believe they’re doing it for cost sure it will help things because the storage costs go down because the boxes are smaller etc. and that’s fine but if you’re investing in a $800-$1000 gadget you certainly can figure out how to get a good solid quality anchor power brick delivered to your house by Amazon and one or two days and not make a big deal out of it.
Digvijay Patil
Digvijay Patil Prieš mėn
Idk why you guys want 120hz display. Are you going to play esports?
José Romero
José Romero Prieš mėn
Yes, exactly “porqué no los dos” well done Rene
Chris Morales
Chris Morales Prieš mėn
No 120hz, no party. I use my iPhone device for gaming. I’d stay with my 60hz iPhone till a 90hz or higher comes out. I’m not giving Apple more money for less stocks. I’m already at disadvantage agains shitty $200 Android midtier phones who run at 90fps in PUBG Mobile. I don’t want to spend $780 dollars to be still in disadvantage but still spending more like a dumbass. I hope a lot of people pass on these devices so Apple learns that you should give your customers what they ask for and not what you want to. Just like Apple took a knee and gave us a bigger iPhone when we demanded it, they gave us a smaller iPad (Mini), and they put a ridiculous stylus on a device after Jobs mocked Styluses. So WE can make Apple do our bidding, we just have to put or foot down and not buy these 12 series, they are not an upgrade from iPhone 11 they even have smaller batteries!
jvaldez5 Prieš mėn
Lmao Samsung is still making money when you decide to buy the iPhone 12 😂
THEFIRE360 Prieš mėn
8k is even more pointless than 5G
Toby Bartlett
Toby Bartlett Prieš mėn
This covered every topic I wanted to hear about. Thanks for a great video! Cheers from a fellow 🇨🇦!
kevin n
kevin n Prieš mėn
8k is a big wank. Even in the film industry camera people talk about how much of a wank it is. People just can't percieve that kind of resolution and as you said, quality of colour space is much more important. And think about the tiny crappy lens on your iphone. UGH. Everybody stop with the 8k BS.
will liang
will liang Prieš mėn
You can still use the old iPhone charger.
victor rodriguez
victor rodriguez Prieš mėn
I prefer the iphone 4or 5 size when are they going back to that size again
P-Can Prieš mėn
12 smaller then 11 & xr. 👎. Screen same size only.
bike bowling
bike bowling Prieš mėn
12:00 Rather than buying an iPhone every year they would probably get better pictures with a 5 year old DSLR and a fast lens. Not only will the image quality worse on an iPhone, all of your pictures are at 1 or 2 focal lengths. Not ideal. Sounds more like a way of trying to justify spending money on a new phone every year.
Christan Zafra
Christan Zafra Prieš mėn
Very nice Phone I wish to have that Dream Phone🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
JD LNZ Prieš mėn
Thanks! This video really helped me a lot... it took me so long to decide and weigh out the pros and cons of american bacon and canadian bacon... good stuff here
V P Prieš mėn
I’m as pissed as Georgia about the lack of charger, especially since I don’t have extra USC C charging blocks. Also my gosh no charging block with the MagSafe charger either geez!
Frank Nicholas Dale
Frank Nicholas Dale Prieš mėn
Some of the decisions and vision of Apple are showing how much they miss Steve Jobs
Frank Nicholas Dale
Frank Nicholas Dale Prieš mėn
The savings Apple make by reducing the items in the box , improved distribution efficiency , reduction in costs are not passed on in price!
spazzman90 Prieš mėn
If you hate scratches, micro scratches, nicks, screens or screen protectors that look good for about a month, you gotta go sapphire. A year in and my screen still looks brand new.
SHONSL Prieš mėn
You’re technically informed, I like that. Subbed.
Eunice Durand
Eunice Durand Prieš mėn
When using the iPhone as a phone, WHY can’t I move the display to a different part of the screen to avoid turning the phone on mute with my cheek?? People hang up on me because I don’t realize the mute setting is on. It also seems unsafe to be holding a phone to avoid this and doing another activity at the same time
Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel Prieš mėn
Dont even say that doby vision is worse than 8k It’s way better
Paul Paul
Paul Paul Prieš mėn
Brady Loughner
Brady Loughner Prieš mėn
I currently have the iPhone 11, but i really want the iPhone 12 pro max strictly for the screen size alone. I traditionally keep my devices for 3-4 years but Every time i pull my phone out of my pocket i am disappointed. My iPhone is my main computing device and 1100$ is a lot of money for me but I’m getting increasing frustrated.
Tanki Violator Reports
Tanki Violator Reports Prieš mėn
3:36 how did he say that so fast 😂
Paranormal Activity and Mysterious Stories
Paranormal Activity and Mysterious Stories Prieš mėn
thank you. when you done checking out your phone, check me out. i have a channel about ufo and other conspiracies the government tries to hide.
Thomas Lillis IV
Thomas Lillis IV Prieš mėn
“American bacon versus Canadian bacon” - you ought to have led with this question as it is the the keynote of the entire video: what is the use case. If you want to make breakfast for a still sleeping loved one or have the hearty breakfast with the runny yolk at your local diner that American bacon can’t be beat. On the other hand, if you want to make a egg sandwich when you’re running out the door then Canadian bacon is what you want. After watching this I will stick to my unpopular opinion and say Apple should've skipped releasing a phone this year. Everything you said about 2020 and personal finances is right. 5G millimeter wave is hard to find in the US and impossible abroad. Outside “tech nerds” there are no killer (or even useful) features for “normal” use cases. My Mom is about due for a new iPhone. Rather than get her the new iPhone 12 ($799 w Verizon) I’m likely to get her an iPhone SE 128GB ($449) and an Apple Watch SE w Cellular ($329). That duo would improve her life immensely AND I get $20 out of the deal.
Erne C.
Erne C. Prieš mėn
I really think we need a battery innovation break thru. It’s really limiting Smartphone innovation. I really wouldn’t want 120hz for crappy battery life or 8k recording because I can’t view 8k and it’s not mainstream. Hell even Netflix struggle to release 4k HDR video. Let alone cable which they still have crapy 1080i/720p format.
Reefaktor Prieš mėn
Wow... Chris Pirillo... what a legend!
Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin Prieš mėn
nate always here to show love! you're one of my favourite tech reviewers!
Christopher Govan
Christopher Govan Prieš mėn
People don't understand the massive quantity of phones that would need to have those panels. The supply just isn't there. Samsung is supplying for themselves and others. They simply just can't meet the demand plus meet the criteria.
Mark Rickel
Mark Rickel Prieš mėn
Love the vid! But disagree with the charging brick. Almost everyone that gets this phone will have several lightning to usb a cables and several charging bricks available. The lightning to USB-c will let anyone with a Mac or other new computer move large files and videos without a dongle. Also, giving more incentive for those that want to go MagSafe. I’m excited for this as I like to use wired headphones sometimes and can’t while charging. Apple has always played long game to nudge folks and industry to the future before they are ready. This is totally Apple and goes back to the beginning. 3.5” floppies, cdRoms, wireless headphones. It seems to be working for them with the amount of Air pods they are selling.
Adriel Macaspac
Adriel Macaspac Prieš mėn
Can you charge the phone through the wallet case?
Greg Kramer
Greg Kramer Prieš mėn
Am I understanding the MagSafe Charger correctly? They want $39 for the magnetic disk (that they are calling a charger) with a permanently affixed USB-C cable. You still have to buy a 20 watt charging brick separately?
cseti1985 Prieš mėn
If they are serious about the environment, they use USB-C (as everyone else), hoping to have the cable at home, rather than still forcing the Lightning, biggest fail
Jojos4eva Prieš mėn
Very informative :)
Moudire Ifan
Moudire Ifan Prieš mėn
I just love how you’re very “scientific “ yet remain simple .
Maestro Agnew
Maestro Agnew Prieš mėn
I think your videos are way better when you're talking normal instead of trying to throw in hip lingo and trying to turn a phrase. This si a compliment, I really enjoy videos like this because I want your opinion, but delivered in a more down to earth way.
Spencer Hawkins
Spencer Hawkins Prieš mėn
Why do I know three people with iphone 11 pro phones and broken screens?
zzz Prieš mėn
I agree on the power brick comment
Enrique Eduardo Guillen Paz
Enrique Eduardo Guillen Paz Prieš mėn
Magstripes in cards for sure will suffer with the magnets. There are only 2 kinds; LoCo and HiCo. Banks use HiCo, that can be a little bit more resistant, but there is a high chance they will get erased. LoCo was used on cheaper implementations like hotel cards, but that was due to pricing, when Magstripes were cool which was years and years and years ago. Nowadays LoCo and HiCo price differene is almost null. LoCo will get erased by any cheap magnet. Now the thing is that we stopped using Magstripe for a while now, even in the US where the migration to EMV chip cards took ages to start (due to the banks network architecture); the status quo now is chip or even NFC which won't be affected by the magnets, this also applies for any other RFID card, hotel, spa or anything else, the magnets won't affect the RFID chips.
Ethan Corsbie
Ethan Corsbie Prieš mėn
The mask thing isn't that a big deal for me....I move my mask down a bit to use Apple Pay and no issues...
Geoff Adams-Spink
Geoff Adams-Spink Prieš mėn
Hey René, thank you so much for answering my question about ceramic shield. I suspect I knew the answer - good to have it confirmed though.
Jim Brady
Jim Brady Prieš mėn
If you want to save the environment, don't worry about the charging brick, worry, instead, about supporting the hardware longer. I have a 2015 iPad that couldn't upgrade beyond 9.3.6; not enough the I can even download an app like Amazon Audible. Of a capacity of 56.3GB I still have 45.2GB left. What a colossal waste to have to chuck this into the garbage along with the useless cord. We have a big MackBook Pro that can't upgrade beyond High Sierra. How many iPhones and iPads, MacBooks, etc. are adding to world waste and pollution due to obsolescense that Apple really, really wants you to chuck? Their sales pitch just doesn't ring true. It is, in fact, illogical.
Shawn G
Shawn G Prieš mėn
I currently have the 11 Pro but I preordered the regular 12 for a few reasons... 1) I’m on the optional yearly upgrade program through Verizon. 2) I’m quite excited to see and experience what the A14 can do. Sounds like a BEAST! 3) the cameras are improved which is always sweet. I pull out my phone to take photos of meaningful things and want a great picture every time. 4) going from the 11 Pro to the regular 12 is actually saving me money in my monthly bill. Apple kind of cannibalized their Pro models this year... not that I’m complaining because it saves me some money while getting a better device. This has arguably been the worst year I’ve watched the world go through in my life. Shit is crazy man. Honestly, I’m thankful to have a job despite being furloughed for 2 months. But I’ve been back at it putting in stupid hours and stuff like this(tech) is a nice reason to wake up everyday and go bust my ass. I work very hard and I believe in enjoying money well EARNED... I don’t take anything for granted. I’ve been down and out numerous times I know the feeling well... so I’m enjoying it while I’m making it.
snotface Prieš mėn
I keep hearing about this everywhere. People understand that if you buy an iPhone 12, you can still use any existing Lightning to USB-A cables you happen to have, right? People are acting as if most people upgrading to a new iPhone don’t already have charging cable(s). If they don’t, getting one is probably cheaper anyway than getting a USB-C power adapter. This seems to only be an issue for anyone who might be switching from Android or people who have never had a smartphone before, then it’s just a power brick you need to buy which I don’t like either but I just don’t really see how it’s this big of a deal. Go buy a third-party power adapter if you don’t wanna give Apple your money, or maybe just don’t buy an iPhone. This really feels like a subjective thing that’s not worth making as big of a deal as people are making it.
Brian Comeault
Brian Comeault Prieš mėn
Rene, I keep trying to find out, is the 10bit colour for video consistant across all the iPhone 12 devices? Or is it just available on the Pro and PMax?
tyler hinton
tyler hinton Prieš mėn
All have it
Kapono5150 Prieš mėn
5G 5G 5G, did you know about 5G? Apple acting like its something new.
Feesher Mann
Feesher Mann Prieš mėn
I hear that Canadian buyers of the Pro Max won't be getting the mm wave 5g. Same with the rest of the world outside of the US. Is this true? Thx in advance!
Tessoro Desoto
Tessoro Desoto Prieš mėn
Price scheme turned out not being all that attractive after all, unfortunately 🧡
Su Ksp
Su Ksp Prieš mėn
Does iPhone 12 have 10 bit display?
InventionsRus1 Prieš mėn
this dislike was sponsored by your Bacon bit
Furlock Furli
Furlock Furli Prieš mėn
Apple is dead, but their custo...slaves are unaware that they are carrying a corpse to the funeral.
MANOWAR Prieš mėn
Apple is marketing. Apple lie about anything yes including your privacy.
Supreme Media
Supreme Media Prieš mėn
As a photographer a lot of pixels in a small sensor is actually bad and doesn’t give out good performance
jkoyama Prieš mėn
Note on the power brick not being included but a usb c to lightning cable coming with the phone. There should be no burden cognitive or cost wise truly because your old usb a to lightning should still work just fine, and in fact probably better for your battery health anyways. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Scott Cathery
Scott Cathery Prieš mėn
Is it true that the only market getting the mm Wave antenna into the build is the US model?
Adam Macias
Adam Macias Prieš mėn
11:50 People in the tech community start losing sight of how the everyday consumer views technology. To your average person that doesn't nerd into this stuff thinks this iPhone will be their only camera period. I'm stoked to see how good it'll be.
William Gribbons
William Gribbons Prieš mėn
I have iPhone 11
saahil harjai
saahil harjai Prieš mėn
Hey, it was a very good and informative video. Just one question, since there's a huge difference in price between USA & INDIA, I was planning to get the unlocked iPhone 12 Pro Max from USA. I hope that will work fine in India? Cheers
Nicolas Cacace
Nicolas Cacace Prieš mėn
If Apple is going to have so many device sizes then they should put css/application display frameworks out there for correct responsive design so that content doesn’t end up looking like crap on THEIR phones
richard lawerence
richard lawerence Prieš mėn
The Apple magsafe wallet/credit card accessory specifically claims it's shielded and safe for credit cards. Does that mean that without this on the back of the phone it might actually not be safe to be against credit cards for long periods of time? I wonder which side the magnets are on. The phone, the accessory, or both?
Savy Guitar
Savy Guitar Prieš mėn
American living in Canada here for the past 20 years. Canadian bacon and American bacon are the exact same thing! Stop saying Canadian bacon is like ham. Ham is ham!!!!!
Arash Hosseinizadeh
Arash Hosseinizadeh Prieš mėn
They needed to raise the price because they introduced 5G modems into the iPhone (both mm wave and Sub-6 GHZ) as well as the Super Retina XDR display which is just top notch. The A14, camera upgrades, and new design also influenced the price
Arash Hosseinizadeh
Arash Hosseinizadeh Prieš mėn
Fr idk why y’all aren’t grateful
JCU Prieš mėn
I understand why ppl will be upset about the brick not being in the box but if you have an iPhone and are charging that, nothing has to change when getting the 12. If you put it on a wireless charging pad then just put the 12 on that. 🤷🏽‍♂️
shoarectube Prieš mėn
20:34 what is even funnier is the fact that if you trade in your old iPhone, you must include the accessories, otherwise they will deduct that cost from the price they offer! yet they do not include the accessories reasoning that most people already have them! That is really gangster right there!
HULK Orozco
HULK Orozco Prieš mėn
great video! will you be upgrading this year? and to which model?
Flemming Pedersen
Flemming Pedersen Prieš mėn
I just wanted USB-C on the phone.
Epidemike Prieš mėn
Very good point at 21:00 but I have so many chargers and generally i switch the usb upgraded chargers because whats shipped with phones I never use. I know this is not the case for more people but I also think that enough folks already have a usb wall chargere that they can use in a pinch. Whether from a phone or other device. I was using a power that came with my Kano Pi for my apple watch for a bit.
Karl Badde
Karl Badde Prieš mėn
Love this format
chandler nathan
chandler nathan Prieš mėn
por que no los dos? I like that he dropped some español in between. i didn't even know he speaks espanol!!
Chad Coleman
Chad Coleman Prieš mėn
Here is the deal on chargers. Apple is right to include a usb-c to lightning cable because of the MacBook situation. And anyone who has a usb-a power brick will likely also have a usb-a to lightning cable to. Those without either will end up getting the better brick to match the cable in their box and that will help us get rid of usb-a a lot faster. The only people this impacts are first time smartphone buyers because android users will already have a brick likely if they decided to switch to iPhone. It’s a no brainer and right now people are assuming those people with USB-A Power bricks now somehow do not also have a lightning cable as well. The worst case scenario is they just store this new cable in a drawer until they’re ready to use it.
QuidEst Nunc
QuidEst Nunc Prieš mėn
"literally" on the floor at Corning...Or "actually" on the floor at Corning ?
QuidEst Nunc
QuidEst Nunc Prieš mėn
Please get back to all of us after you have actually played with the iPhone 12's in your very own hands. Thanks. Peace.
delliott777 Prieš mėn
This is probably the most intellectual, substantive and unbiased explanation of anything I’ve ever seen.
Nonth Suriyan
Nonth Suriyan Prieš mėn
iPhone 12 is the S model of iPhone 11
Frank Cannon
Frank Cannon Prieš mėn
All these excuses, it comes down to this. Apple you are falling behind. In relation to the phones, Samsung is the new Apple and Apple is becoming Sanyo or Panasonic. Samsung is innovative and Apple has been consumed by analytics and money demographics. Damn Shame
Carlos Le Mare
Carlos Le Mare Prieš mėn
I worry about put diskettes in my pocket along side iPhone 12 XD
Carlos Le Mare
Carlos Le Mare Prieš mėn
13:23 From one who have taste to developed in Android and iOS, iOS is a nightmare, even with much less screen sizes that you can find in Android ecosystem. The way Google resolve that problem is a very good one, and I missed it in Xcode :-(
Guilherme Uesugi
Guilherme Uesugi Prieš mėn
I don't have an USB-C power adapter, so I will NOT BUY the iPhone 12... None of them. What was Apple thinkin and tryin to do? Do they really think we buy that "for the environment" stuff? If they had charged 30 or 40 $ less, fine, but same pricing??? C'mon Apple!!!!!! The greatest company of the world does this and now, every other company will start doing this as well...
Oliver Relph-Evans
Oliver Relph-Evans Prieš mėn
Real English bacon all the way
Richard Barnes
Richard Barnes Prieš mėn
Great Q&A Rene, thx 👊🏻 I’ve had iPhones since 2007, however I still only have 2 USB-C chargers and one of those was with my iPad Pro. So I find it a bit of an annoyance that they removed the chargers and then put in a USB-C lead. That is gonna mess a lot of ppl up and it’s not for the environment either.
Panagiotis Antoniou
Panagiotis Antoniou Prieš mėn
Cmn Apple charge them more dammn apple lovers gotta money charge them 2500 for device plz apple
Colin Prieš mėn
I really think that if Apple were to just include an option to save $19 without a charger they would get a lot less criticism about the move and it wouldn’t cost them much at all. I don’t think many people care about the crappy headphones.
Colin Prieš mėn
11:07 I love this response. So true. Don’t know a lot of people who genuinely weigh the pros of upgrading, think most people just upgrade either every year or when it’s time.
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