Tom MacDonald - "Rolling Stone" (ACT I)

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Tom MacDonald

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FACEBOOK: TomMacDonaldOfficial
TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
"Rolling Stone" is the sixth single from Tom MacDonald's latest album, "See You Tomorrow", which was released on December 16 2015 and is available at & on iTunes.
Written by Tom MacDonald
Edited by Tom MacDonald
Directed by Devon Mussett
Cinematography by Blake Davey
Audio production by Tom MacDonald & Oso Smooth

Bobby James Cote
Bobby James Cote Prieš 12 dienų
Wow Tom... It's only been a few months I've known of you and your music.. This is Awesome Man.. 4 yrs ago.. 😇
Lorrie Crow
Lorrie Crow Prieš 15 dienų
Loved it❤❤🙏🙏
OG J3NNiiE 209
OG J3NNiiE 209 Prieš 25 dienų
OG J3NNiiE 209
OG J3NNiiE 209 Prieš 25 dienų
StevenT Bickford
StevenT Bickford Prieš 27 dienų
I love the fuck out of this song!!!can’t say I know what it’s like to play shows all over but if only the chance shit I’d choose that life mane!!
Brian Blancato
Brian Blancato Prieš mėn
I’m so glad this is the old Tom. I think you are so much full of life now. You found your place you found your calling. We all love watching you grow
William Storey
William Storey Prieš mėn
Me everyday of my life
Robin Tracy
Robin Tracy Prieš mėn
You ROCK Tom Macdonald! My go to music now. Wish I found your music sooner but now that I have, I'm a lifer! I can't get enough of you. You speak the truth, I love that about you. Don't ever stop. Absolutely you are the best of all time!!!!!
Owqjdbaiasba Whqnsajqwb
Owqjdbaiasba Whqnsajqwb Prieš mėn
1:40 dog: help my please
gregoryian123 Prieš mėn
Not wanting it
gregoryian123 Prieš mėn
The evolution of Tom McDonald
Jennifer Works
Jennifer Works Prieš 2 mėnesius
You are a gorgeous soul!💞
Jennifer Works
Jennifer Works Prieš 2 mėnesius
Then end, Got me like😭😭😭😭❣️
Jennifer Works
Jennifer Works Prieš 2 mėnesius
Head back Relaxing God ur my favorite!! 🌺💗💗💋 Every Single Song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
James Bush
James Bush Prieš 2 mėnesius
Im glad you dropped the autotune
deadreign92 Prieš 2 mėnesius
Literally all your music makes me tear up. This one was the hardest, that call you made :,/ so glad you’re doing better
William Hancock
William Hancock Prieš 2 mėnesius
Hey Tom, I’m 44 and I’ve been listening to rap and rock my entire life. It’s so pathetic seeing all the BS out now a days, but your music is not only straight fire, it also sends messages, has a story and meaning. Keep it going, I appreciate the hell out of you man. Huge fan and thanks for saying what we all are feeling!
MisteeBreeze Haze
MisteeBreeze Haze Prieš 2 mėnesius
395K View's 1.13M Subscribers 🎶🔥🎶 09/03/2020🎶🔥🎶 7PM Pacific Coast 🎶 🔥🎶🔥🎶🔥🎶🔥🎶 09/16/2020 1am 409,493k View's 1.18M Subscribers 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎶 09/25/2020 12pm 492,159K View's 1.21 Subscribers
Daniel Duffy
Daniel Duffy Prieš 2 mėnesius
I am a huge fan and love your music. I am 17 and listen to not just the music with my parents, but the message. If it weren't for all the hate and whatever I would love to talk to you (or just write you, but the comment section is fine too) sometime. It sounds weird probably but I look up to you and I would love to be able meet someone who has been in the hard times and come on top anyway. Keep doing amazing I love your art, and if you do not see this I have no worries about it (cant imagine how busy you are). Just know no matter what,: I pray for you everyday and im saving up for all your songs. Stay Awesome Dani
Seventh Seal
Seventh Seal Prieš 3 mėnesius
Holy shit! That your girl? Shes SMOKIN!
Steviei Vaughn Petelle
Steviei Vaughn Petelle Prieš 3 mėnesius
you and tom both drop bombs like its 1946, keep it up gal.
Sisqa Prieš 3 mėnesius
I hope one day he will be an actor as well. Would love to see him in a movie.
Dixie Vixen
Dixie Vixen Prieš 3 mėnesius
I feel your ache. You're an empath. We feel things deeper stronger and longer than others. It's both a gift and a curse. Always love you first don't listen to all the folks that act like your friend cuz they want something from you... Cuz most will. Sorry you hurt so... But you're not alone. I get it
vicki L Roe
vicki L Roe Prieš 3 mėnesius
We are going to be ok, I'm excited for Missoula
drottie Prieš 3 mėnesius
This song deserves more views!
D.L. Bamlett
D.L. Bamlett Prieš 3 mėnesius
Awesome!!! Love #novarockafeller keep doing what's great 🎶
she crimson
she crimson Prieš 3 mėnesius
Storn Olson
Storn Olson Prieš 3 mėnesius
man, so much feelz. So glad he stopped using auto tune. Friday
Iam Thorn
Iam Thorn Prieš 3 mėnesius
That’s one more I didn’t hear, but I felt instead. Keep being you man, it resonates. 🤘
Heather Menear
Heather Menear Prieš 4 mėnesius
Who’s the bitch? Where’s Nova?
Latigj Bergouij
Latigj Bergouij Prieš 2 mėnesius
James Curtis
James Curtis Prieš 4 mėnesius
I'm catching a light buzz on shock top and letting Toms music tickle my soul.
cold45acp Prieš 4 mėnesius
I hope this dude doesn't limit himself to one type of music. Well, it's his gig, so let's see what he does.
starlight 1776
starlight 1776 Prieš 4 mėnesius
Thank you for truth.
Donald Sherbert
Donald Sherbert Prieš 5 mėnesių
In my opinion your best song is my opinion ....wait a min that or coronavirus.....or exposure......hell who am i kidding i can't decide there all the shit man
Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla
Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla Prieš 5 mėnesių
Damn I remember bumping this 3yeara ago...well b4 he got famous 💯
Lucy Salinas
Lucy Salinas Prieš 5 mėnesių
Looooooooove all of your music!!!!
wayne Young
wayne Young Prieš 5 mėnesių
Tom you having concerts this year?
wayne Young
wayne Young Prieš 5 mėnesių
Just discovered tom looking up concerts need to see him in concert
Christopher Caliey
Christopher Caliey Prieš 5 mėnesių
Best artist yet .. str8 lethal
Radu Popa
Radu Popa Prieš 5 mėnesių
Heading for some Cobain shit: don't you dare kill yourself. Your life matters to us. If not for yourself then for us. You haven't earned death. I yearn it too. But we have duties first.
The Clint Commander
The Clint Commander Prieš 5 mėnesių
It feels wrong to see Tom with somebody other than Nova, lol!
Linda Kaminski
Linda Kaminski Prieš 6 mėnesių
Another one, Jesus you are so unbelievable, love you and all your new stuff your words and voice amazing!!💋💋🔥🔥💞💞👅👅✌️✌️🎶🎶
Ben Houser
Ben Houser Prieš 6 mėnesių
Why no 2020 love, still banging this!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damien Dingus
Damien Dingus Prieš 6 mėnesių
Hey, I'd like to be trying to sleep while a pretty girl is giving me head.
Damien Dingus
Damien Dingus Prieš 6 mėnesių
Do they have weed in space or on spaceships?
david smith
david smith Prieš 3 mėnesius
I wonder how smoke reacts in zero gravity
Janice Wilkins
Janice Wilkins Prieš 6 mėnesių
Tom this song hits home/the heart. Your music has helped me more than you could ever know. I can relate to a lot of what you talk about in your songs and video's.. Thank you for the Great music🙏🏽. Regardless what people say/think..
No Nope
No Nope Prieš 6 mėnesių
Turn it up ! Trance vibe. Hits hard and 100% chilled. #Blessed #Tom
Yolanda Roberts
Yolanda Roberts Prieš 7 mėnesių
My best advice move on leave strippers _///& try to be ur best not worst
nyo nyo nyo
nyo nyo nyo Prieš 7 mėnesių
nyo nyo nyo
nyo nyo nyo Prieš 7 mėnesių
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson Prieš 7 mėnesių
Hail, From... Jay Jay 🏴💙🐧
Troy Dilworth
Troy Dilworth Prieš 7 mėnesių
Hidden Gem! Repeat for 90minutes on the highway! I'm mean rolling, floating in a 4 door big body!
Steve Austin
Steve Austin Prieš 7 mėnesių
Is song on LTpost virus should have hit number one people need to hear that song listen to what he's sayinglot of people out there that don't listen that's why the virus is taking over...
Steve Austin
Steve Austin Prieš 7 mėnesių
Tom McDonald is this s*** or 2020 who's the best rapper on LTpost real talk.... He talks about realshit real life
LEO Artist
LEO Artist Prieš 7 mėnesių
All of his songs are 🔥 fire but not this one lol too much autotune
Chris S
Chris S Prieš 7 mėnesių
Is the girl in the beginning Julia Garner? The woman that plays Ruth in Ozark
ArtisticWallDesigns Prieš 7 mėnesių
This song sucks
Daz Tha Punk
Daz Tha Punk Prieš 7 mėnesių
After touring the world in bands and literally living everything in this song. I can honestly say this hits home...I played in metal and punk bands for my whole life. Was a total drug addicted I’m sober 30 months and I Tom bigtime
Dustin Bobo
Dustin Bobo Prieš 8 mėnesių
I just recently discovered Tom and I'm here to tell you there isn't one thing that I've heard from him that wasn't the best I've heard anywhere, there are some good raps and jams out there but few and far between, but Tom is batting a thousand. This man is the whole future of hip hop, rock, rap, whatever you wanna call it, you are putting out better than everybody!
TimmyTim 13
TimmyTim 13 Prieš 8 mėnesių
@Tom MacDonald I've been watching alot of your video recently. What you're doing is real. You have a strong community of fans bro.
Kerry West
Kerry West Prieš 8 mėnesių
Why the fuck am I just hearing this
Sally Wass
Sally Wass Prieš 8 mėnesių
The music hits home
Brian Arborio
Brian Arborio Prieš 8 mėnesių
I'm guessing he's a big fan of Pink Floyd (film 'The Wall') not saying it's a rip off , but hey give credit where influence is due
Troy Dilworth
Troy Dilworth Prieš 8 mėnesių
This track rides out! Love if! Repeat Repeat Repeat
John Uren
John Uren Prieš 8 mėnesių
And let's not forget as bout your other h as of she very talented. Should do more songs together you guys have great chemistry together especially in front of the camera. I no to me it's about the mess. Just want to give her. Her DO.
John Uren
John Uren Prieš 8 mėnesių
This shit if FIRE. TOM I HAVE SLL WAYS LOYED YOUR CREATIVITY. PLEASE DONT STOP YOU HAVE A HUGE FUTURE IN THIS music. Thanks for be n so honest with your music.
Daz Tha Punk
Daz Tha Punk Prieš 8 mėnesių
This era of his music career is so interesting and artistic. Love all the different music and changes from him past to present
John Wade
John Wade Prieš 8 mėnesių
Love this tune..
Troy Dilworth
Troy Dilworth Prieš 8 mėnesių
Why am I just hearing this?
Troy Dilworth
Troy Dilworth Prieš 8 mėnesių
Just heard this song 4 days ago... straight! Interstate Music Loved it.
Andrew Bowman
Andrew Bowman Prieš 8 mėnesių
Just fire
Andrew Bowman
Andrew Bowman Prieš 8 mėnesių
This real shit red hot ouch.
Hadley CapeBreton
Hadley CapeBreton Prieš 9 mėnesių
what you see here is another great Canadian much love from Cape Breton Nova Scotia
TheTubejunky Prieš 9 mėnesių
Explained alot.. Re-enforced the reason i purchased his work.
Chad Exley
Chad Exley Prieš 9 mėnesių
So glad Madchild introduced me to you... working hard to catch up. Love that your grind is paying off so hard!!! Man I better get on my grind... Like I am waiting for death or something - but I got so much life ahead of me!! Crazy how I can literally feel my brain stretching when I watch your stuff... Breaking all of my misconceptions about me and others... so powerful!!!
Roach Boy
Roach Boy Prieš 9 mėnesių
Stop drinking
Relyt 420
Relyt 420 Prieš 9 mėnesių
I feel your emotions I may not be a rapper or be rich but I have gone through some shit in my life and your music is amazing keep it up man
shugga leaf
shugga leaf Prieš 9 mėnesių
I'm liking his old music.... that's typical for most artist ..but I'm really really digging the New New!
desperate dave
desperate dave Prieš 10 mėnesių
man who else who heard this.. could of been that rolling stone?.... man TOM you make such relatable music..
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Prieš 10 mėnesių
this ...YOU TOUCH ON REAL PAIN ISSUES that i have .11 surgeries in three years,everything from my pecker to my back an neck fusions,Right knee,an both ankles twice! Thats just the body !!!! PTSD, Bi Polar, Dissociation, Borderline personality disorder,Anxiety,Panic attacks an why? I ask that too! Your music art craft touches so many people .... I have had two jobs my whole life an now wore out at 45.YOU SPEAK FOR ME AN MANY OTHERS I know that you have been through real pain much love an RESPECT!!!!!
Its Called Trolling
Its Called Trolling Prieš 9 mėnesių
u need to get out more guy
DeltaLion1 Prieš 10 mėnesių
Like it.
Darcy Evans
Darcy Evans Prieš 10 mėnesių
Supposed by the low veiws
Clouded Dawn
Clouded Dawn Prieš 11 mėnesių
Found him recently, his new stuff is better sounding imo. However, hes still a genius even here I just had to get use to the autotune but hes seemingly found his balance at this point. I could've really used his music in 2015/16 but I'm supra appreciative either way even I am late to the game
yours truly
yours truly Prieš 11 mėnesių
They don't realize this is what it's really like for you.
yours truly
yours truly Prieš 11 mėnesių
Me calling granny in heaven
Corinne Muir
Corinne Muir Prieš metus
Anyone triggered be my ruse being that my feminine Name in my handle is to conceal the fact that i am a man? Only by doing so do I receive less flack in comments. haha it works btw
Trina Cain
Trina Cain Prieš metus
I... Am usually carefree and the clown but my grandma got told that she has 24 hours, and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I almost went, "... back to where I've been before..." My head was racing and old thoughts resurfaced. I got scared again when I've been doing SO much better since coming out in May. Then I got home and I played your 'Spoken Words' and 'Rolling Stone' got to me like it hasn't before. THANK YOU TOM MACDONALD FOR WHAT You. Happy Thanksgiving 🙏💯👀 #hangovergang #depressionIsReal
Misty Fawn
Misty Fawn Prieš metus
This made me cry...awesome work!
Dragonfly B!tch Bauer
Dragonfly B!tch Bauer Prieš metus
Okay.... whew! I'm writing this AFTER I wrote my comment. This is fckng ridonkulously long for no good reason. Mostly used a therapy session. Please feel free to save precious time you won't get back by skipping this. The point of the comment is I DIG this song, I FEEL the message, & I wish him Continued Success This was true! My 2nd hubby was a regionally "famous" musician working towards national. Not only do the entertainers go through HUGE changes in life so do their partners. (If real love- kids, spouse, friend, parent, whatever.... then the struggles are shared). You hear abt it all the time: overnight success mean to fans, spent all their money, famous person in bar fight. We hear the story and think quit ur bitchin. This is what you worked for. You knew in advance this would happen. You should be celebrating. 💥 BAM! 💥 There within lies the problem. In the beginning everyone is celebrating and they're loved it. They're offered drugs, drink, dames, anything & everything thrown at them.... all for "free" The thing is, it's not free. There's a very HIGH Price and usually the ones truly close to you pay your debt & you often lose them in some way. It can be via death (murdered, od, suicide, or anything), instead of them being true to you they become another paid YES-MAN, or maybe they just bounce outta your life, the "star" usually becomes addicted to something (drink or drug, sex, money, attention, whatever) and then you start dolling out 💰💵💰! It's a quick downward spiral and you face it immediately, head on or you wait til you publicly crashed to get help. Your career may continue latterly, may go up, or maybe you fall outta fame (fast or slow). Just know your career may or may not soar, it doesn't matter if you get help early help or wait til you're considered a "has-been" or "1 hit wonder" Sorry, let's go back.... in the beginning all that partying every night is actually fun but eventually it becomes a job. It's not something you wanna do anymore but something that is expected of you. So you put on your big kid undies and continue to party. You smile and never share how you re feeling. Some ppl will notice the tears of a clown and actually say something to you but most wont notice or will ignore. The one(s) that speak up, you will snap at bc you don't wanna look in that mirror. However, at some point you'll face yourself and you'll quit the party. Your critics will smell blood, think you're weak. Your fake fans & friends will move to next party. You tru ppl will still be by your side. Most likely how you handle THIS transition (transmutation situation) will determine your career. Honestly, I was prepared for him to change and things for us would change. I knew it wldnt be all unicorns & rainbows. I expected monsters & dark alleys. I didn't think how i'd struggle with the "fun". I say all this bc I know the struggle and I hope you continue to power through successfully. Most people don't. Most end up as my X, an almost famous you could see it, taste it, hear it, touch it, smell it bc you were that close it. They're not even a has-been bc they are NEVER-WAS and oh wow a never-was but that close it is worse than being never-was bc you never had a chance. Ppl that say "better to have loved & loss are better off than the one that has never loves" are so wrong. Either they didn't truly fully compassionately unconditionally passionately love or they never lost it. They don't understand. When you lose the one that you love more than life itself, it kills you and while if you're strong enough you will continue to live. But there is always something missing from your life and it can be a struggle to want to continue living. It's not that time lessens that loss, it's that you learn how to deal with it bc you have to. We would joke that I was his mistress and with the kids, we were the secret wkend family, 2nd life that he was cheating in with his 1st love & wife: the music. He was really uncomfortable with that bc he felt guilty that he cldnt honestly say "family 1st". It took him a while to able to be honest about that. I knew who he was & what I getting into with him. I entered with eyes wide open. I was fine with how things lined up bc it's part of what i loved about him. His passion & dedication to what he loved. The hardest part was watching that slip away. Not bc of money and fame bc money had never been an issue and i was ready to leave the party scene. It was the pain of watching him mourn the loss (rather what he saw as a loss) of his passion, his 1st love. He literally went through the stages of grief. Problem was, he didn't need to. He just needed to adjust his course. But he cldnt see that. He was so focused. He had a plan and he had some back-up plans for his career to continue if it had hit some stopping blocks along the path. He thought he was past the major hurtles and when shit hit the fan, he wasn't ready and it killed apart of him. The worse part was when he left his friggin pity party, he realized he cldv continue to follow his dreams but just a different way but he had burnt alot of bridges and at this point he'd have to start from the beginning. He worried it could take another 8-10/12 yrs before he was back where he was and so then he slipped again back into mourning. It took almost 5-6yrs from beginning to end of all that to start LIVE again. The funniest thing was that the calculation of true love ltr loss was accurate. It takes approx 1/2 the time you were in that relationship to get over it. Altho he was physically home, he was so far gone while in mourning, it was worse than the touring. Anyway.... sorry so long. I wrote alot just to say "i really feel this song" and i wanted to share that so ppl knew, it wasn't just a platitude. Not that i care alot abt what others think. But sometimes it's important that ppl really know where you're coming from to understand where you are now and why you say what you say. Again.... Continued Success & Blessed Journey!
DJ Space Continuum
DJ Space Continuum Prieš metus
Been Rocking that long ? Who knew '
OPTIMA PRIME Prieš metus
Painful as it is, story of my life.mid anxiety attack. Thanks Tom
Maurice Jenniskens
Maurice Jenniskens Prieš metus
So goodd!!!!
missy snow
missy snow Prieš metus
Huge crush on tom macdonald. Awesome music wish he was on the radio.
Parker Mangus
Parker Mangus Prieš 11 mėnesių
Wont her radio play without going through proper producer venues
Kayla Brummitt
Kayla Brummitt Prieš metus
Still rocking in 2019 !!
A Z Prieš metus
Love new Tom Maceonald but this sounds like a Lil Peep ripoff. Just saying.
Chris Purcell
Chris Purcell Prieš metus
This was out years before lil peep was even thought of so seems like lil peep ripped off his sound 🤷 not surprising those new mumble idiots have no originality
Squirrel Prieš metus
PandaAsassin123 Prieš metus
How am I just finding this song
SuperRobertmorrison Prieš metus
Poppin John needs to bust that out.
michal Janowicz
michal Janowicz Prieš metus
The Weeknd's Lonely star beat
Teagen Crout
Teagen Crout Prieš metus
Please PLEASE come to Australia. Please. Your words have kept me alive
No Nope
No Nope Prieš 6 mėnesių
Curious to know how many Australian fans Tom has. His presence, world wide is intriguing to watch. No doubt. He is a freaking super star and doesn't know it. The truth is sharper than any two edged sword.
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