The HU - Yuve Yuve Yu (Official Music Video)

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The HU

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Official music video for 'Yuve Yuve Yu' by The Hu.
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Tuga Namgur -
Brandon Friesen -
Tengeriin Gadas Film
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PORKFOOT and The One Man Boyband
PORKFOOT and The One Man Boyband Prieš val
I woke up Chinese after watching this....
Andy Jenkins
Andy Jenkins Prieš val
bebe Prieš 4 val
hu are these guys?
Matt S
Matt S Prieš 4 val
You guys Rock!!!
Megi Prieš 6 val
oh to be a long haired Mongolian chad headbanging on a cliff
Cølin Cølin
Cølin Cølin Prieš 8 val
The Mongols had horses, the Vikings had longships. I'm not Asian, but as a person of Scandinavian descent, this music makes my genes hum. Similar cultures?
Mars Alexandre
Mars Alexandre Prieš 8 val
GAAAAAWWWWWDDD DAAAAAMNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE IT! (going to look where to buy your CD here)
Cholla Ranch
Cholla Ranch Prieš 4 val
Be sure to get the Deluxe edition --- it has 6 additional tracks. Superb!!! 🤘
PlasmaBurns Prieš 8 val
I bet the HU listens to Kyuss
Ömür Özgür
Ömür Özgür Prieš 9 val
👍💪🤘 Neden Türkçe altyazı yok?
Adrian Lopez
Adrian Lopez Prieš 9 val
Can I download this ...pls
babak kohzadi
babak kohzadi Prieš 9 val
Copy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
noemy venegas chevez
noemy venegas chevez Prieš 9 val
que exito los Mongoles, amo esta musica y los instrumentos son lejendarios, parecen sacados de una peli, por mas musica asi no la porqueria que ponen ahora
O alper K
O alper K Prieš 10 val
Siyahlı arkafaş Barış Akarsu'ya benziyor
Take dimmy Lee
Take dimmy Lee Prieš 12 val
Without our ancestors I’m nobody. I’m South Korean born in Japan and raised in France. I was in the French foreign legion back in 80s. I always wanna be in our NATIVE ARMY, thx bro
Cholla Ranch
Cholla Ranch Prieš 4 val
You have earned tremendous individual value already, I think, but an awareness of your heritage can add depth and meaning.
East Storm
East Storm Prieš 5 val
wait for the Khan's summon. it will come in due time.
denis iskhakov
denis iskhakov Prieš 12 val
David Victor
David Victor Prieš 13 val
"Born to live as nobles. Yet, can't unite as one." well, thats a strong line guys. Keep it up!
Алексей Рицберг
Алексей Рицберг Prieš 13 val
Рамштайн уже не тот😄
katy carnell
katy carnell Prieš 15 val
I seen the video wolf totem on fb. And now im looking for more videos i like.
Pjero Pivalica
Pjero Pivalica Prieš 16 val
Can someone tell me what langague they speak
Pjero Pivalica
Pjero Pivalica Prieš 15 val
@Naranchimeg Maamuu thanks
Naranchimeg Maamuu
Naranchimeg Maamuu Prieš 15 val
It's Mongolian
Support16s Prieš 16 val
The guy on the radio said they were probably a bunch of white guys who moved to Mongolia and made this. Hell no baby. This is AUTHENTIC
B. R.
B. R. Prieš 17 val
Mauro Stereo
Mauro Stereo Prieš 17 val
Brutal amigos, saludos desde Argentina
Donny Boy
Donny Boy Prieš 17 val
When Americans play those instruments we will call them gay, when the Mongolians play it, “Respect “
Piotr Dudała
Piotr Dudała Prieš 18 val
I'd love to visit location of this video one day. Especially this lake.
Johny Temesi
Johny Temesi Prieš 18 val
Nice Job! I wish you all the best my brothers! From Hungary
Dddrac Goldd
Dddrac Goldd Prieš 18 val
What a beautiful nature and good music.
Anish Shrestha
Anish Shrestha Prieš 18 val
Hell yeah, Yuve yuve yu
Hani Prieš 19 val
Nice song, but why are there swastikas on one of the violin like instruments?
Cholla Ranch
Cholla Ranch Prieš 11 val
​@Hani Your are very welcome. Btw, when Gala was having his specially designed morin khuur custom-crafted in Ulaanbaatar, he remarked that the khaas was particularly meaningful to his family and gave him added focus and inspiration for his music.
Hani Prieš 12 val
@Cholla Ranch cool thanks for the explanation
Cholla Ranch
Cholla Ranch Prieš 12 val
The khaas (also spelled "khas") or swastika design has a 12,000-year-old continuous history of symbolic, peaceful, usage. Please don't assume that the reviled, and thankfully few, nazi years of appropriation mean a change in the emblem's intended meaning, worldwide. As one Asian scholar noted, the khaas/khas is "one of the oldest symbols of mankind characterizing the sun, sky, life, welfare, eternity and happiness" and has, since ancient times, been "a sacred symbol of Mongolian culture."
Czarny Pan
Czarny Pan Prieš 19 val
Thx LTpost algorithm for this song ❤️❤️❤️
pakrinha chhun
pakrinha chhun Prieš 20 val
19 January 2021 listen from Cambodia 🇰🇭
MaxGalactica418 Prieš 20 val
the widest youtube video
Milh Pertuis
Milh Pertuis Prieš 20 val
My beard started to grow while listening to this song...
Sunny Wininger
Sunny Wininger Prieš 23 val
Ok, I dont know how in the hell I came across this but I'm glad I did. New fan
Dat DAT Prieš 23 val
My name is : Yuveyuve ve, uveyuveyu osas
Kumushkan Abdimazhitova
Kumushkan Abdimazhitova Prieš 23 val
i like it
Shannon Stowell
Shannon Stowell Prieš dieną
So brave, and so fkg true. You bring the dead back to live. Don't ever stop I'm not from there; but for the right ears-we hear you blessedly. I hope I know you before it's too late.
amibl Prieš dieną
Би түүний шүтэн бишрэгч, би Мексикт амьдардаг, түүний дуунд дуртай, видеогоо эхнэр, хүүхдүүддээ үзүүлсэн, тэд ч бас таалагдсан.
Nelson Aldave
Nelson Aldave Prieš dieną
No encuentro ningún comentario en español asi que procedere a dejar el mio.
Cholla Ranch
Cholla Ranch Prieš dieną
Con más de 67,000 comentarios, es posible que se haya perdido los comentarios en español. Hay algunos de España, pero cientos más de México, ¡todo el camino hacia el sur hasta Argentina y la República de Chile!
Mason Blunt
Mason Blunt Prieš dieną
This has more likes then he has subs
Gavin Savage
Gavin Savage Prieš dieną
POV you have entered khuzait territory
O alper K
O alper K Prieš dieną
Altaylara selam olsun
Ryan Harris
Ryan Harris Prieš dieną
*plays the HU Great wall of china: fuck it, come on in.
Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie Johnson Prieš dieną
animagreed Prieš dieną
How wide screen is this video?
Matt Risling
Matt Risling Prieš dieną
Mongolian Rammstein
Annabella Laws
Annabella Laws Prieš dieną
CK Cayoglu
CK Cayoglu Prieš dieną
LTpost brought me here. Guess Im staying.
LittleGuy Prieš dieną
Thx algorythmus
Claire Z C
Claire Z C Prieš dieną
this rock is so much better then western music
Cholla Ranch
Cholla Ranch Prieš dieną
We all have different tastes. I grew up loving Western ballads in the style of Marty Robbins and Charlie Daniels 🤠. But I also like talented musicians and singers in most every genre. The HU is surely the very best of rock and have earned their place at the tip-top of my list! 🤘
Kylee McKinney
Kylee McKinney Prieš dieną
I don’t know how I got here but I love it
zepelín Teruel
zepelín Teruel Prieš dieną
Me gusta mucho su música,e descubierto on ellos la música tradicional de Mongolia
Fast Back
Fast Back Prieš dieną
Pero que rolón, no no no pero que ritmo
Michelle Segan
Michelle Segan Prieš dieną
acetylsalicylsyra Prieš dieną
Surely it must be sacrilegious in Mongolia to use an aspect ratio that stretches wider than Genghis Empire.
Edina Bokor
Edina Bokor Prieš dieną
I like and cool 😍😍😍
Barbas Daedra
Barbas Daedra Prieš dieną
Чингиз придума Рок н ролл
M.E.K Prieš dieną
what is this man
Lauren Glenn
Lauren Glenn Prieš dieną
I honestly clicked on this link because I thought this was an Asian version of Hu Are Yu by the Hu. :) But I was surprised and added this to my library. Very catchy.
Zarki FF
Zarki FF Prieš dieną
говор Японский и корейский есть
Johanes W.A.
Johanes W.A. Prieš dieną
Should've use this song when The mongolians raid Tsushima
Ami's Huslen
Ami's Huslen Prieš dieną
So many rude people here 90% are from other countries, and day bla bla bla, viking viking viking... So stupid, just listen this song and don't talk about history, just leave your reaction.
Rebeca ARCOS ZUÑIGA Prieš dieną
Me encanta el mensaje y la melodía. Un fuerte abrazo amigos The Hu desde Ecuador
Zachmdful Prieš dieną
The aspect ratio of this video looks absurd on my 19" 16x9 monitor.
East Storm
East Storm Prieš 5 val
the empire of the great Khan also looks absurd on a map. it is not a coincidence...
Ladis laus
Ladis laus Prieš dieną
Noyan Koç
Noyan Koç Prieš dieną
Dislikes: Europeans and chinese occupied by Genghis Khan
Nein zu Korruption
Nein zu Korruption Prieš dieną
not true. we honour good work and dedication to a cause. since 1200.
6ale romero
6ale romero Prieš dieną
Every great diying culture reflected by an speech that reproaches their descendants the passivity and lack of effort, stucked on a fkng screen!!
Bi hüzün Bi mutluluk
Bi hüzün Bi mutluluk Prieš dieną
I wish, i had made a good comment when this music first uploaded. Now it has 67M views. Just now, life has become meaningless.
21 12
21 12 Prieš dieną
Once again, Mongol is not part of the China.
21 12
21 12 Prieš dieną
@Petrus Gi Best answer
Petrus Gi
Petrus Gi Prieš dieną
Corana19 is the only part of china
Tsoku Tsolmon
Tsoku Tsolmon Prieš dieną
end mongol hun bnu hh
TheDreamer974 Prieš dieną
Merci Instagram pour la recommande, j'adore!
knight gamer
knight gamer Prieš dieną
Mongol hun bnu
Ömer Faruk
Ömer Faruk Prieš dieną
çekik gözlü gardaşlarım fena şarkı yapmış.
Lady Asleep
Lady Asleep Prieš dieną
Oh, thats realy great, thank you for your work
Zakky Prieš dieną
Sick riff. Very Rock n Rolly
Vikas Thapliyal
Vikas Thapliyal Prieš dieną
Genghis just turned in his.grave
Weescottishwifie Prieš dieną
Brillant thank you lads :)
Michael Yim -Wai Music
Michael Yim -Wai Music Prieš dieną
Hu music gives you an intense sense of hard rock coming from the Mongolian steppe: pure, human throat voicing singing on the raw elements of earth, wind and fire! Their music is both a link and novelty of their ancestry music culture be mixed in our modern hard rock rhythm. A great music history for Mongolia begins... Ху хөгжим нь монголын тал нутгаас ирж буй хатуу чулуулгийн мэдрэмжийг танд мэдрүүлж байна. Газар шороо, салхи, галын түүхий эдэд дуулж буй цэвэр, хүний ​​хоолой! Тэдний хөгжим нь манай өвөг дээдсийн хөгжмийн соёлын холбоос, шинэлэг зүйл юм. Монголын хөгжмийн агуу түүх эхэлдэг ...(Google translates from my English comments)
Paul Denham
Paul Denham Prieš dieną
what can i say ? i love it and i want more,more ,more of this, excellent,and thank you for sharing
Melba Miller
Melba Miller Prieš dieną
Love this song
Everedit 4you
Everedit 4you Prieš dieną
Who else has absolutely no idea what they say but still likes the music? XD
Cholla Ranch
Cholla Ranch Prieš dieną
All you have to do is move your cursor down the vid screen till the CC/Settings gearwheel appears, then click to turn subtitles ON.
Ядерный Потанцевал
Ядерный Потанцевал Prieš dieną
Наконец то скриптонит начал нормальные песни исполнять
Ядерный Потанцевал
Ядерный Потанцевал Prieš dieną
Наконец то скриптонит начал нормальные песни исполнять
R S Prieš dieną
The Artists of the Hu got a lot of money= 500 mio mnt , sponsored by government for marketing , they never payd the hired men who was writing the application book for government .
FlingShot life
FlingShot life Prieš dieną
2020. How Strange, How Strange! Man this band kicks A$$
Franfran2424 Prieš dieną
1:00 start the dope vibes
Daniel Harianto
Daniel Harianto Prieš 2 dienas
Make this Original Soundtrack of Mortal Kombat the movie please.....
genyc Z
genyc Z Prieš 2 dienas
Молодцы монголы, порадовали. Не ожидал... Шикарно, хотя ни хрена не понял, но юваю-ваю-ваю подпевал. Горловое пение это что-то.
Алексей Каситов
Алексей Каситов Prieš dieną
Мы, говорит волки степные. Прочь с дороги, а дальше заклинания какие-то.
Ann Prieš 2 dienas
I have Mongolian ancestry farther back than my Hungarian blood lines. My sister and I are discovering our ancestry and The Hu make me proud to have Mongolian blood within my family ancestry. Their music lifts my mood every time I listen.
J Phang
J Phang Prieš 2 dienas
Damn Mongolians, always trying to break my City-wall with their throat-singing!
Maldö Prieš 2 dienas
I thank youtube recommendations to get here... thanks..... my gf will have to hear this songe about 5 times cause on our roundtrip
Sir Snowman
Sir Snowman Prieš 2 dienas
This song makes me wanna invade Novogrod
Notsoinn Prieš 2 dienas
My dad was playing this and I was just enticed by it and I don't know why, glad I was.
educostanzo Prieš 2 dienas
The music is cool but can we talk about how this is the widest video ever made?
m u
m u Prieš 2 dienas
I don't know why but I think theire instruments are from germany 😂😂😂
Cholla Ranch
Cholla Ranch Prieš 2 dienas
Nope. The HU's instruments were all custom-designed and handcrafted in Ulaanbaatar, including the inlaid silver khaas (also spelled khas) symbols of peace that so interest you, as well as the jeweled portions.
Nick Amedo
Nick Amedo Prieš 2 dienas
I wonder how much their throats hurt after an all-in preformance like this! 🤯 WOW! What a song!!!🤩👑
Cholla Ranch
Cholla Ranch Prieš 2 dienas
Properly trained (and the bandmembers are all music graduates and/or post-graduates) there is no vocal damage with throat singing. (Maybe the circular breathing techniques have something to do with it, too.)
zaller john
zaller john Prieš 2 dienas
이거 듣는 한국인 있음?
Bogdan Prokopenko
Bogdan Prokopenko Prieš 2 dienas
where are all the social justice warriors on those neck swastikas?
Vsevolod Prieš 2 dienas
Chinese: Ah nooooo! You can't just invade and pillage our mighty millenniums old empire!!! Mongolian: Haha horse archers go brrrrrrrr
aksurd lehao
aksurd lehao Prieš 2 dienas
You are nice.
Сергей В
Сергей В Prieš 2 dienas
Да блин!!! С двух струн такой звук!!!
The Mark Chanel
The Mark Chanel Prieš 2 dienas
Тут гитара и звучит в основном
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