Deep Cleaning The NASTIEST Vehicle I've Ever Seen! | Insane 18 hour Detailing Transformation!

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This van was the DIRTIEST and NASTIEST vehicle I've ever detailed! The transformation it made was epic and the owner reaction is unreal!
#disasterdetail #carcleaning #cardetailing
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Tornador -
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Microfiber Towels -
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The Detail Geek
The Detail Geek Prieš 2 mėnesius
Is there anything better than a nasty disaster detail? 🤣 Make sure you check out the Q&A over on the second channel!
Dillan Mistry
Dillan Mistry Prieš dieną
My guy
AOF2001 Prieš 3 dienas
I’d like to give you a tip on how to remove chewing gum or bbq sauce from the carpets. from a popular youtube channel i watch called Autoshine Motors. he basically uses WD40 and a flat head screwdriver to pick it off before cleaning the carpets. try it in your next video!
Isabelle Provencher
Isabelle Provencher Prieš 3 dienas
How much does a deep cleaning like this cost
Dora Tiscareno
Dora Tiscareno Prieš 4 dienas
AnItA GrAnT Prieš 5 dienų
“I’ll take a mcMeal with a side of car please.”
Miami Mobile Car Wash
Miami Mobile Car Wash Prieš 19 minučių
Why not wash it outside all the water would have ran in the street instead of your garage? Great work!!
G Eee
G Eee Prieš 53 minutes
I can bet you’ll see the customer back in 6 months 🤷🏾‍♂️
G Eee
G Eee Prieš val
You had to charge them like 10k.... lol
It's me
It's me Prieš val
I've seen much worse, to the point much trash falls out of the car as soon as the door is open.
Mermaid Lu
Mermaid Lu Prieš val
#1 rule should be don’t eat in the car .
tmmaston Prieš 3 val
That Sedona was straight up RATCHET!
Silene Retamero
Silene Retamero Prieš 3 val
Que horror.gente porca.
Jason Kokos
Jason Kokos Prieš 4 val
Is this a Canadian thing? I’ve never seen people trash vehicles as badly as you showcase.
Odessa Prieš 4 val
i would not have the patients to detail a car for 18 hours
Lovely ZELDA
Lovely ZELDA Prieš 7 val
Child: mommy can we go to the McDonald's Mom: the car Is unlocked for you. Child:👁👅👁
Holly Newcomb
Holly Newcomb Prieš 8 val
Plot twist, they don't have children...😳🤣
Camila Resendiz
Camila Resendiz Prieš 8 val
Disgusting people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Fa X
Fa X Prieš 9 val
that must smell... like it‘s owner
Ann Marie Torres
Ann Marie Torres Prieš 9 val
LOL. I feel like maybe the customers get a discount if they agree to show their reaction because I would NEVER want to show my face with a car that disgusting. Reminds me of the ones who had a barf-covered mat hidden in the trunk who blamed the mess on the four kids. LOL.
Eoin McCabe
Eoin McCabe Prieš 10 val
Imagine what their house looks like
Kathy Graham
Kathy Graham Prieš 11 val
How in the world do you stand that
Sapere Aude
Sapere Aude Prieš 12 val
The van was so clean and shiny that it made me realize how dirty my phone screen was
Sapere Aude
Sapere Aude Prieš 12 val
6:25 hope they got air in that tire
Dezhun Doss
Dezhun Doss Prieš 13 val
The owners watchin this 👁👄👁
2jam4lyf Prieš 14 val
i'd be too embarrassed to send my car for a detail with all that mess :( ... It was TRULY disgusting but so satisfying to watch - great job!
slay 400
slay 400 Prieš 14 val
its so clean how much? oh just about 3 grand
PΛSTELK Prieš 14 val
I've been in cars like these. It's real nasty!
Aschia Prieš 15 val
Imagine what their HOUSE looks like inside...
Evgeniya Zemtsova
Evgeniya Zemtsova Prieš 15 val
What's the point of such piglets cleaning the car? A couple of days and again the same thing!
Life as a Rustic Wife
Life as a Rustic Wife Prieš 15 val
If you come to a point in your life where you let your vehicle get this disgusting, it’s time to just throw the whole car away
Smartaks7 Prieš 16 val
Give a tight slap to the owner from my side
Smartaks7 Prieš 17 val
🤯🤮🤮🤮🤮 Shit car this is.
Pepperoni Pictures
Pepperoni Pictures Prieš 17 val
We all had a friend who's car was this dirty when we were younger.
Xander Fredericksen
Xander Fredericksen Prieš 17 val
A car like that I wonder how much you would need to pay for someone to clean it!?
Kitkatmeaw 37
Kitkatmeaw 37 Prieš 17 val
what I want to know is... Does it have that new car smell afterwards?
aparis82 Prieš 18 val
🤮 who else was waiting to see the owner! Now if we can just get them to do better 😂😂😂😂
Rosa Pimentel
Rosa Pimentel Prieš 18 val
1:20 omg its a condom? Tf
Cody Stoos
Cody Stoos Prieš 18 val
I have to know what this job cost these people. There is no way he charged them enough for this.
Marty McFly
Marty McFly Prieš 19 val
When pigs own a car and learn to drive. Smh
Michael Calizzi
Michael Calizzi Prieš 19 val
Two options: 1. Video is fake 2. High key judging these people
Morgana Bastos Ferreira
Morgana Bastos Ferreira Prieš 20 val
Gente esse carro tá mais pra lixão. O dono(a) desse. carro e muito seboso(a)
screeech1 Prieš 21 val
The way it looked, I thought they lived in the car, If they did I hope things are better now. SUPER AWESOME Job! I LOVED watching every step.. I was HOOKED!
Nunya Business
Nunya Business Prieš 21 val
This is every other car I detailed. I can't believe I thought this was normal!
Johanna Pichardo
Johanna Pichardo Prieš 21 val
Kiss 😘 that brain 🧠 of yours!!! That’s GENIUS!!! Lmao 😂
CBLizay 1
CBLizay 1 Prieš 21 val
I cAnt believe that cars only two years old I have 93 and it still looks newish lmao
CBLizay 1
CBLizay 1 Prieš 21 val
A skittle on the outside killed me
Jose Alfredo
Jose Alfredo Prieš 22 val
I love watching these vids and i do the same thing but ill never let my truck get that bad
Keshia Prieš 23 val
Wow!!! You made that happen!!
Klaus die Gurke
Klaus die Gurke Prieš dieną
I dont know whats worse, that they put children in such a dirty car or that they fed them so much fast food!
kia yaj
kia yaj Prieš dieną
I know people with a car like this. They gave no care until they were gonna give it away.
Gary B
Gary B Prieš dieną
Damn...should have pressure washed the interior while you had it out. Gross
DiamondSpades vids
DiamondSpades vids Prieš dieną
Who sees a lego at 1:11
Smarth Arora
Smarth Arora Prieš dieną
Josh's car
Mark C
Mark C Prieš dieną
I hope you charged them triple the cost. This makes no damn sense for people to drive around in something like this...
Who does she think she is
Who does she think she is Prieš dieną
I love how this guy just performed his job and didn't bitched about the family..🤍
Emo Nemo
Emo Nemo Prieš dieną
bae: date? me: ill walk
Alice Who
Alice Who Prieš dieną
you'll wear a mask to work but not around people..?
Mark Abejo
Mark Abejo Prieš dieną
I want to see how their house looks like 😄
Jenny Li
Jenny Li Prieš dieną
Wow it’s so satisfying
N Iosefa
N Iosefa Prieš dieną
I think they rlly like McDonald’s idk
Cloudstar Wolf
Cloudstar Wolf Prieš dieną
been watching some of these and I have to say that you just ROCK. Thank you for sharing. Small hint if you want to not only cover smells up while wearing a mask, a bit of vicks vapor rub under the nose helps to keep the smells down :)
سمارة ياسمارة
سمارة ياسمارة Prieš dieną
Imagine this car belongs to a Karen or Darren. Oh I also think this belongs to the crazy Karen from Starbucks 💥
Toggzter Prieš dieną
Dude, you missed a spot
Karen Tucker
Karen Tucker Prieš dieną
That van was disgusting but seeing it clean is oddly satisfying.
seoppaws Prieš dieną
when my mom be complaining about my messy room, i should show her this video :>
Alicia A Morgan
Alicia A Morgan Prieš dieną
Is that a used condom at 34:22? Lmao
Mickael Lamare
Mickael Lamare Prieš dieną
those are white seats :o
WESpower13 Prieš dieną
I feel like a better vacuum cleaner could have saved you a couple hours
WESpower13 Prieš dieną
Anyone else get really stressed out that those floormats were for an Infiniti and not a Kia van?
stan Lee
stan Lee Prieš dieną
@ The Detail Geek What's the process for drying out the interior? And is that time calculated in to your 18 hours of work?
Нуке С.Б.
Нуке С.Б. Prieš dieną
I'm sorry! How long will you be washing cars like this? 🤔🤔🤔
Sig Pilot
Sig Pilot Prieš dieną
Serious question: do they not have car washes in Canada? Either full service or self service? How do you let your car get that bad without at least doing some cleaning/vacuuming yourself? Is the only option paying someone to detail it?
Gomez Addams
Gomez Addams Prieš dieną
Please give an idea on how much something like this cost?! Also I bought a used car that they had used something so you could not smell it I swear to you these people did the best cover up at this lot ever for everything but it is now getting a new engine excetera. But the cigarettes in the foam of the upholstery are so strong that the coat that I just had hanging on the back of my car seat over the back for just a car ride to the store and back I hung it up and I kept smelling cigarettes when I finally got into the Hall and got my jacket out I went to put it on and it was like slipping on a cigarette jacket and I don't mean the satin kind like a smoking jacket from the movies it was nicotine poisoning level! The whole car has so much nicotine even after being shampooed deeply sucked out deeply it still smells like cigarettes? I'm so lost. I cannot pay somebody to clean it it has cost me so much with the engine and hang Insurance on a car that wasn't drivable just it's a hard time anyway. It was parked for so long that it actually got an algae in it because a rude person put a hose in the top which is a different story more than rude it's part of a bigger nastier thing that has nothing to do with the car. But I left the top open so they took advantage of it and filled my car up as long as they could which was the whole day apparently. So then it got very moldy because winter happened. There were no Outlets to plug in heaters to dry out my car no place to take it just one bad thing after another. So now the engine is being done but I don't have someone to detail it like you did. I also want real wax on it so that dirt doesn't stick to it as badly a well waxed car washes better! I just want to hear suggestions besides pick your car sellers better. I spent actually almost six hours with the people who ripped me off at a dealer. And told them what I had just gone through in life and the losses of children due to drunk divers and so much more and they still had the nerve to rip me off and they knew what they were doing. When I took it back they said they were going to fix whatever the computer was saying and what they did was put something in the engine that smelled like Cherry urinal cakes. People could smell it from 30-40 feet away if not more but it was gone by the next day and the cigarettes were back. I can't imagine how they can be that strong? I'm almost wonder if nicotine water wasn't poured in the car by the person who put the hose in there. The day that I test drove it the person I was with doesn't smoke either and we couldn't smell anything and it wasn't on our clothing. Anyway this is way too long I'll probably want to come back and erase it it's late and I haven't slept or eaten for a week or so. Some more heavy duty stuff going on in my life. I like gardening and quiet and taking care of other people and I haven't been able to do any of that. It's getting to me. I'll be glad when the car gets back from the engine being redone I caught him in a lie rather than being sued for taking out the old engine. And throwing in used lesser engine, he's trying to find what fits in it and it's very hard to find. You can see a little pattern here. That's nothing compared to what I've left out. It's been a really tough 20 years or so thanks for any answers and to the people who want to tell me that this is way too long I already know thanks go back and talk about what horrible people these are because of french fries
Zhanibek Gabdushev
Zhanibek Gabdushev Prieš dieną
Take a seat. Just move it all aside.
Tiffany Yarbrough
Tiffany Yarbrough Prieš dieną
I would cry if I saw something move if I was the one that cleaned it 😂😭
Dhany Eko Wahono
Dhany Eko Wahono Prieš dieną
Those people should not be allowed to breed.....
Maritza Guadarrama
Maritza Guadarrama Prieš dieną
And to think this built up in two years or less 😥
Emerald Blade Gamer
Emerald Blade Gamer Prieš dieną
when you can smell that car through youtube
Jeanette Prieš dieną
I just can't understand how they let it get that bad
Jeanette Prieš dieną
You can tell that they probably haven't ever vacuumed their car bc it looked a billion times better after he picked up the trash and vacuumed.
Taylor Dampier
Taylor Dampier Prieš dieną
speaking of mcdonalds i got qourtar pounder today and becasue they brought back the mc ribb they put mc rib sauce and ketchup on it i think they had an ut oh
K. D.
K. D. Prieš dieną
Add!! Zach Bl
John Doe
John Doe Prieš dieną
When a detail done right... Costs more than the whole shitty car!
Lori Waggoner
Lori Waggoner Prieš dieną
How could someone possibly dislike these videos?? 🤔🤔
Alexandria Williams
Alexandria Williams Prieš dieną
How long will this last? They need a lifestyle change, not a detail 😩
Edward Whibley
Edward Whibley Prieš dieną
WTF? How do people live like that? And you subject kids to that environment? Wow.
Marshall Warden
Marshall Warden Prieš dieną
They have to be terrible parents. I'm sure their kids are wild as hell & never have had real ass whippings... I bet their house is just as bad. They probably hire a maid if I had to guess.
Pimp Mac
Pimp Mac Prieš dieną
“We haven’t seen it this clean since we bought it” “I know”
Evron grant
Evron grant Prieš dieną
“I don’t understand how it happens” Bruh they stuffed it in there man
ClymaxCrxbby Prieš dieną
The guy doing the car could rail me
yammie simp
yammie simp Prieš dieną
This is why so many people don't want kids
Joanna Marcos
Joanna Marcos Prieš dieną
How can one let their property that they pay good money for get to that point. Unbelievable.
D’erra B
D’erra B Prieš dieną
i see why my mother yelled at me to not eat in her car when i was younger
Jenna Illsley
Jenna Illsley Prieš dieną
I wonder what their house looks like😳
Tom Ion
Tom Ion Prieš dieną
An EPIC job...hope you charged them enuf!!!
Sky Prieš dieną
Revolting. That thing is a health hazard.
Anthony Walnutz
Anthony Walnutz Prieš dieną
only someone that owns a Kia can dirty up a car like that
PhoenixYT Gaming
PhoenixYT Gaming Prieš dieną
Kid: Mom where is my toy? Mom: u left it in our trash can
Raissa Atelier
Raissa Atelier Prieš dieną
😱😱😱 nossa muita sujeira, parabéns pelo trabalho...
rosie uwu
rosie uwu Prieš dieną
As a clean freak if my car ever got that dirty I would drive it off a ditch and set it on fire
Patricio Perez
Patricio Perez Prieš dieną
How does someone let a car that’s not even that old get this bad?
John Blazer
John Blazer Prieš dieną
Kids: "Can we get McDonald's?" Mom: "Cooper, what do we got back there?"
Bigjoe 3000
Bigjoe 3000 Prieš dieną
Really no excuse for that kind of mess..
Larisa L
Larisa L Prieš 2 dienas
I love all your products you used and bought MANY through your links. Definitely Aerospace is by fave a favorite and I use it about once a week or more
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